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  1. HI Robert, sorry, not trying to find issues honest! The 'View >Show Folders' doesn't appear to work. It has a go when you un-check the item - but it still shows. If you hide, say, Dumping Status, you get this in interface.ini: hide_folders sound I can force it to hide folders by amending interface.ini as follows: hide_folders "bios, clones, cpu, dumping status, horizontal, lightgun, mechanical, manufacturer, raster, refresh, samples, resolution, screens, sound, source, savestate, trackball, unavailable, vector, vertical, working, year, imperfect" However, this is a bit unreliable and I still can't hide 'BIOS' ! All the best, JBR
  2. Hey Robert, most is good enough. I can't stand those damn gambling games. Loving the interface and works nice and quick. It's my go-to frontend now. Impressed and thanks for all of your hard work. PS If you need someone to remove gambling games/mahjong etc. I would be happy to help in any capacity.
  3. Okay, take say a game called 'Daisyarin'. I have the ROM and audits okay. However, I don't want the ROM (it's not an arcade game) so I remove it. If I audit again, it still says Passed. Not sure if this is a minor bug but sounds like it is not re-reading the ROM directory again. However, if I audit all of the ROMS, it correctly flags this as not available.
  4. Hello, I'm new to this emulator but really liking it! I always wanted a pure arcade emulator without annoying computers, gambling machines and such like. I have noticed a few gambling games, however. If you sort by Manufacturer, you get AC, Ace Enterprises, ACL, BFM and fair number of mahjong, gambling and other games. Just for info. Thanks
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