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  1. HI Robert, sorry, not trying to find issues honest! The 'View >Show Folders' doesn't appear to work. It has a go when you un-check the item - but it still shows. If you hide, say, Dumping Status, you get this in interface.ini: hide_folders sound I can force it to hide folders by amending interface.ini as follows: hide_folders "bios, clones, cpu, dumping status, horizontal, lightgun, mechanical, manufacturer, raster, refresh, samples, resolution, screens, sound, source, savestate, trackball, unavailable, vector, vertical, working, year, imper
  2. Hey Robert, most is good enough. I can't stand those damn gambling games. Loving the interface and works nice and quick. It's my go-to frontend now. Impressed and thanks for all of your hard work. PS If you need someone to remove gambling games/mahjong etc. I would be happy to help in any capacity.
  3. Okay, take say a game called 'Daisyarin'. I have the ROM and audits okay. However, I don't want the ROM (it's not an arcade game) so I remove it. If I audit again, it still says Passed. Not sure if this is a minor bug but sounds like it is not re-reading the ROM directory again. However, if I audit all of the ROMS, it correctly flags this as not available.
  4. Hello, I'm new to this emulator but really liking it! I always wanted a pure arcade emulator without annoying computers, gambling machines and such like. I have noticed a few gambling games, however. If you sort by Manufacturer, you get AC, Ace Enterprises, ACL, BFM and fair number of mahjong, gambling and other games. Just for info. Thanks
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