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  1. nGlide 2.10 changelog: Glide2: -fixed Andretti Racing broken font during race (vk backend) -fixed Carnivores crash during initialization -fixed Codename: Eagle regression -fixed Driver crash during intro (dx backend) -fixed F1 Racing Simulation freeze (vk backend) -fixed FIFA 98: Road to world Cup black screen on Radeons (vk backend) -fixed Formula 1 depth and chroma issue -fixed Formula 1 '97 UI glitch -fixed Kingpin: Life of Crime texturing glitch (vk backend) -fixed MIG-29 Fulcrum simulation black screen (vk backend) -fixed Nascard Legends esc menu crash (vk backend) -fixed NCAA Football 99 freeze before simulation -fixed Scorched Planet texturing bug with 3dfx splash logo -fixed To Be Continued... crash (vk backend) -fixed Unreal (build 200) crash and depth problem (dx backend) -fixed Unreal Tournament depth problem -fixed Uprising: Join or Die regression Glide3: -fixed Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction crash with OBS Studio (dx backend) -fixed Divine Divinity regression -fixed Le Mans 24 Hours loading bar (vk backend) -fixed Project64 with Glide64 TEXUMA mode not activated Miscellaneous: -added support for integer-ratio scaling and rendering -chroma keying technique has been rewritten from scratch (dx backend) -improved performance (vk backend) -improved windowed mode (vk backend) -mipmapping is now implemented and active in both video backends -fixed scissor test rectangle (vk backend) -fixed black bars not cleared properly after returning from windowed mode (dx backend) -fixed mouse cursor not clipped correctly with multi-monitor configurations -new option in nGlide configurator: 'Aspect ratio: Integer rendering' -new option in nGlide configurator: 'Aspect ratio: Integer scaling' -option 'Aspect ratio: Fit to Screen' renamed to 'Entire screen' -option 'Aspect ratio: Preserve original' renamed to 'Aspect correction' Downloads: http://www.zeus-software.com/downloads/nglide Source: http://www.zeus-software.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2195
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