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  1. Additional previews for the UnleashX Skin XVGM after its release
    Release Date: 20180712

    CB-Games continues to create new videos for the XVGM
    (Xbox Video Game Museum) Skin for the UnleashX dashboard.

    New video previews added 12 July 2018 include:
    Console Emulators (ROB animated)


    CoinOps - Arcade Emulator for the original Xbox

    CoinOPS preview.xmv

    Far Cry Instincts - Xbox Game

    Far Cry Instincts.xmv and Far Cry Instincts.png

    Far Cry Instincts Evolution - Xbox Game

    Far Cry Instincts Evolution.xmv and Far Cry Instincts Evolution.png

    KAWA-X - Capcom CPS1, CPS2 and SNK NeoGeo emulator for the original Xbox

    KAWA-X preview.xmv

    MADrigalX - emulator based on the "game and watch" Libretro core. The work of Andre Leiradella


    Panzer Dragoon - SEGA unlockable arcade game from Panzer Dragoon Orta

    Panzer Dragoon.xmv


    Dowload link: https://mega.nz/#!lfBmzaQJ!6qMV1ZJ8rqfU4HfIZCZL5F4avzCNkQTUONdClsBmJdc

    There was also a larger version released after the initial 15GB release linked above with 23+GB more content (38.1GB RAR archive).


    Available via torrent download: visit ogxbox.com for more info.

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