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  1. You are the man!! Thanks it worked like a charm. Thanks so much for the quick response.
  2. Didn't really like the greatest arcade game from 1991? How is that possible? Just kidding. It is not for everyone. Thanks for responding so quickly. And I will sit tight. Great work on the emulator by the way.
  3. Hello all. I am trying to get the Legion of Doom as playable characters in Wrestlefest and can't seem to do it. I know I was able to years ago but I am missing something. I tried adding the following to the cheats.cfg file: # Cheats from : Tourniquet # Last update : 2001.07.11 # Desc. format : Pugsy [wwfwfsta] Cheat00 = 1C16A3:59:00:00:Infinite Time Cheat01 = 1C0617:6E:00:00:Infinite Life Char. 1 (1/2) Cheat02 = 1C061F:6E:00:00:Infinite Life Char. 1 (2/2) Cheat03 = 1C0723:6E:00:00:Infinite Life Char. 2 (1/2) Cheat04 = 1C072B:6E:00:00:Infinite Life Char. 2 (2/2) Cheat05 = 1C082F:6E:00:00:Infinite Life Char. 3 (1/2) Cheat06 = 1C0837:6E:00:00:Infinite Life Char. 3 (2/2) Cheat07 = 1C093B:6E:00:00:Infinite Life Char. 4 (1/2) Cheat08 = 1C0942:6E:00:00:Infinite Life Char. 4 (2/2) Cheat09 = 1C0607:00:00:00:Play as LOD Char. 1 Cheat10 = 1C0191:09:00:00:Play as LOD Char. 2 But that did not seem to work. I can toggle them on and off but it has no effect. Anyone out there familiar with this and could lend me a hand it would be much appreciated.
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