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  1. windale

    ARCADE 0.182

    Yes they are in your Arcade build but the roms are not in the official MAME 0.182 ? Edit: I found the new kof99k roms on a different site. You must have used a more up to date build than the official MAME.
  2. windale

    ARCADE 0.182

    CLRMamePro says these roms are missing from my set but they aren't even in the official MAME build ? The King of Fighters '99 - Millennium Battle (Korean release) [system: Neo-Geo - folder: kof99k - parent: kof99 - size: 90mb] missing rom: kof99k\151-pg1k.p1 [size: 4194304] [CRC32: ef259292] [sHA1: e02f2d0c71eac74424507e4845991fbc12821045] missing rom: kof99k\151-pg2k.p2 [size: 4194304] [CRC32: f3898ec2] [sHA1: c7fd230fbb97a9b171aeae8ff1a5cd39ba7fa9eb] missing rom: kof99k\kb.neo-sma [size: 262144] [CRC32: 9fccc688] [sHA1: 1a24d0fe7cabe7b346f538e099f1357bbf77bc89] Mouse Trap (version 2) [folder: mtrap2 - parent: mtrap - size: 48kb] missing rom: mtrap2\mtl-2.10a [size: 4096] [CRC32: e26b074c] [sHA1: e8882edc818860d887c08e8083a40c4717412b2f] missing rom: mtrap2\mtl-2.11a [size: 4096] [CRC32: a8cc3a18] [sHA1: 09fa9eff5ae5cb923d6e9137ba9a4b6944acffb2] missing rom: mtrap2\mtl-2.6a [size: 4096] [CRC32: 7ed7632a] [sHA1: 6800d3c1b901808373d3edd2a3fcf699f93d7daf] missing rom: mtrap2\mtl-2.7a [size: 4096] [CRC32: 3d235f95] [sHA1: 57031d9784c55853dcf6e396ee685d8dd0d3ef87] missing rom: mtrap2\mtl-2.8a [size: 4096] [CRC32: 854d2d50] [sHA1: 4213999acbc03ee8300b2fcf86349cd7450adae5] missing rom: mtrap2\mtl-2.9a [size: 4096] [CRC32: 845394f6] [sHA1: a150a6f00465abb787d8d46a2e32d8985364554e] VS Block Breaker (Europe) [system: Super Kaneko Nova System BIOS - folder: vblokbrk - size: 12mb] missing rom: sk000e-o.u8 [size: 524288] [CRC32: aecf0647] [sHA1: 4752e5012bae8e7af3972b455b4346499ec2b49c] missing rom: sk000e2-e.u10 [size: 524288] [CRC32: 5a278f10] [sHA1: 6f1be0657da76144b0feeed672d92a85091289b6]
  3. windale

    ARCADE 0.181

    OK, i'll just delete the tekipaki samples and the whoopee samples as most Pipi and Bibi clones have working sound anyway. I'll just keep the samples for Ghox.
  4. windale

    ARCADE 0.181

    But if you put the whoopee samples in instead of tekipaki they fail the audit but when playing whoopee you get different sound effects !?.
  5. windale

    ARCADE 0.181

    I noticed that the 'whoopee' samples from progettosnaps don't seem to pass the audit. The 'Teki Paki' samples actually pass the audit for the game 'whoopee'. Can robert confirm which extra samples are needed please (ghox and ?) and if the audit is wrong on 'whoopee' ?
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