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  1. Easy 1 someone could answer where do i put dats for MAMEUI.CLASSIC as it says dats are in wrong place as i created a dats folder & put all in there like ARCADE but obviously wrong. Any help Please & Thanks

  2. Thanks for the info i got loads to look at to see the differences. I think it would be nice that some of the slowdowns mame emulates that you could do something like an add on to ARCADE so that people have an option to run the game without them. Also there is some games out there that has slight bugs for example  commando by capcom the world version says you get an extra life at 10.000 & 500000 it should be 10.000 & 50.000 same for space invasion the german version of it, the us version fixes this. I think it would be a great addition to ARCADE if you did things like that & i'm pretty sure others would like it too & then ARCADE stands out more. Thanks for all the work you have done in RAINE

  3. All respect to you for keeping this emulator going. Thank you

    As of now what in your opinion does Raine emulate better than MAME & does Raine emulate anything MAME doesn't ?

    You gave me hours of fun playing rainbow islands so I Thank You once again.

  4. I don't mind either way what design the site is I would just like to see Arcade emulators posted & a how to use as there isn't a site I know of that does that. Recent emulators is posted so why not all arcade emulators & a how to that goes along with it too. I know a lot of hard work has gone into making ARCADE emulator so why not the site to, a how to use arcade emulators would be great as I would love to learn more about others & if I could help anyone I will. I'm still learning about ARCADE & I can update my roms & a few other things but I stll can't compile my own ARCADE build, i'm a person that learns from watching others first but I haven't found an up to date video on what I need tools wise then a step by step video on compiling ARCADE. Please someone make an up to date video as I wanna learn then I would help others. Thank You

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