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  1. Hi Robert just to clarify if there's a bad dump of a rom for an arcade game & that rom gets a new dump you won't be releasing a new version of ARCADE 0.249 or if new dumps of clones get released too?

  2. I'm crossing my fingers you Mamesick & whoever else comes up with a plan. Can you compile ARCADE without a UI as I would use that if it came to it. Anyways THANKS for all the work you & others have put into ARCADE over the years. THANKS

  3. oh my god why have they done this it wasn't hurting anyone making ARCADE. I'm in shock really in shock I hope something can be done.

  4. A friend of mine that knows how to compile would like to know what is used to compile ARCADE now. Thanks

    He's getting loads of other things not associated with ARCADE Thanks

  5. On 7/10/2022 at 11:08 AM, 18Phoenix said:

    OK, thanks. I see the magnet address. Never have used magnet.

    As rom manager I use clrmame.  I've always added the latest update packs.

    Now I miss these many uninteresting roms out of many different packs, an update pack therefor is nowhere to find, of course.

    I see that there's a Rebuilder in clrmame but I don't know how to use it.

    I will help you out if you need it just pm me

  6. Maybe a mass message to all users should go out for a poll as thinking about it now not everyone updated there roms each month, some leave for 6 months & some for a year, so let's see how many come out & say they don't like the change & want another POLL. ARCADE should mean everything that is associated with an Arcade. That's my opinion

    Also a txt file could be attached to the build saying PLEASE READ as not everyone gets there build from here & missed the POLL/ But hey it's done now & it's taken my ages to get all the roms.



  7. Thanks Robert for ARCADE 0.245

    Wow loads removed & missing. pmsl

    Why are they trying to kill off winui ?

  8. I demand a 5th question

    question 5 if the vote doesn't go your way should the poll be run again yes/no

    pmsl let the fun begin & the questions asked why does ARCADE now include....... 

    only joking on question 5

    ARCADE = Everything playable on screen ? Is this a fair description of ARCADE now ?


  9. I think a mass pm should be sent out as when you implement the vote, it will get why has this changed that changed. But vote has been up a while now

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