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  1. demonkatze

    ARCADE 0.211

    I thought so. Thank you mamesick! Wow... when I examined it, MAME version at that time was still about 0.84. I don't know at all about this time.
  2. demonkatze

    ARCADE 0.211

    Please use these patches if you need them. http://www.mediafire.com/file/e0dv2345exidee8/arcade_patches.zip/file (If Mamesick has already uploaded the same one, please ignore this post) I’m also always want to help you as much as I can. ?? I love the nice UI and features of ARCADE. (of course from the time it was called MAMEUIFX) ARCADE forever!
  3. demonkatze

    ARCADE 0.206

    Hello, long time no see! Thank you so much as always. I tried some modify on neogeo raster hack. As far as I can confirm, this hack following problems have been fixed: - Garou : Extra round background animation loop sequence in Terry stage (https://mametesters....iew.php?id=3954) - Crosses Sword 2 : Sprite flickering (These are also fixed by current raster hack) - Riding Hero : Some lines on the bottom of the road - 2020 Super Baseball : '2020' text in attract mode - Viewpoint : Sammy logo effect in attract mode (These are works properly in official MAME, but broken by current raster hack) - Master of Shougi : Water effect in title screen - Sengoku 2 : One line at the bottom of the text zoom effect on the title screen I found that delaying vblank timing by one scanline fixes Garou and Crosses Sword 2 problems but I'm completely amateur so don't know the real hardware behavior so that's just guess. Actually applying vblank offset to Galaxy Fight, raster effect is rather off by one line. Therefore that's necessary not to apply to it. 'MAX_SPRITES_PER_LINE' change seems only need for some homebrew games (e.g. Neo Pong, Shadow of the Beast Demo) but I think that these were may be originally created for emulators without sprite limit. modified_neogeo_raster_hack.diff.txt
  4. demonkatze

    ARCADE 0.189

    That's a very good idea! Thank you again for your kindness.
  5. demonkatze

    ARCADE 0.189

    Thank you always for great release! Chanbara, here you are! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2OOhXcMXHR1Slk1TDVMeWROOTA
  6. demonkatze

    ARCADE 0.188

    That's good news! I'm glad that you found the cause. Anyway, it’s really mystery that it doesn’t occur depending on the environment.
  7. demonkatze

    ARCADE 0.188

    Oops, I'm sorry to wrote incorrectly. It intended to write about ARCADE. (Corrected post #29) As I wrote in post #23, it doesn't happen in official MAME and even ARCADE 0.187 or earlier. Yes, even if I manually rewrite historypath in UI.ini, When ARCADE is started, it is automatically replaced with the directory set in datafile_directory in INTERFACE.ini. (and it's corrupted) I also tried ARCADE 0.187 and replaced it the same way, but it isn’t corrupted. (Maybe a problem has occurred during this replacement...?)
  8. demonkatze

    ARCADE 0.188

    I tried many times and it will definitely happen every time. Strangely, at the time of change directory and closed ARCADE, UI.ini isn't broken yet. Then it happen right after restart ARCADE.
  9. demonkatze

    ARCADE 0.188

    Thank you as always Robbert and Mamesick! About the bug that Chanbara said, I could test it on XP and 7 and reproduce it on both. 'gui/interface.ini' has no problem but 'ini/ui.ini' gets broken. It happens in both 32 and 64 version ARCADE. I tried various directory names like these: C:\MAME Support\DATs > NG C:\MAME_Support\DATs > NG MAME Support\dats > NG C:\test\dats > OK c:\te st\dats > OK dats > OK dat s > OK test\dats > OK te st\dats > OK test\test\dats > OK test\test\test\dats > NG aaaaaaaaaa\dats > OK aaaaaaaaaaa\dats > NG datttttttttttts > OK dattttttttttttts > NG It seems that bug is caused by the number of characters regardless of whether '\', ':' or space is included. I also tried double-byte characters and it was same result. (over 16 bytes with single-byte characters?) UPDATE: After that, I also tested plain official MAME and MAMEUI. In MAME, this bug didn't occur. In MAMEUI, it's more broken. Even if you open the directory dialog and press [Cancel] without making any changes, it will crash. (Some directories are displayed as garbled characters) In ARCADE, only broken historypath in UI.ini for some reason. And at 0.187 this bug doesn't seem to happen in any MAME. So it is certain that this happened with some change in 0.188. This is the only thing that I can do but I hope this will help.
  10. Have you tried either to copy files in "ini/preset" folder to "ini" folder or to change any HLSL settings in "mame.ini" ? Preset in "mame.ini" has been deleted since any previous version, so If you haven't changed, even if enabled HLSL it doesn't do anything. I tried with ARCADE64 0.187 and both work fine. hmm... I can’t think of anything else.
  11. demonkatze

    ARCADE 0.185

    I downloaded it just now. I'm really glad! Thank you so much again!
  12. demonkatze

    ARCADE 0.187

    Yes, it's included. Thank you as always Robert, Mamesick and all others!
  13. I haven't seen for now. I'm using Windows XP and Firefox. The other day I saw news about ransomware on TV. Really dirty tricks...
  14. demonkatze

    ARCADE 0.185

    Can some people test this out? I am totally hopeless at most games. I ran two MAME (changed this line or not) at a time and compare them side-by-side, but after all I couldn't find out what changed, either. Mystery... Anyhow I like this hack no matter what. Thank you Dink!
  15. demonkatze

    ARCADE 0.185

    Thank you for accepting my request!
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