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  1. @Robert, first logo of the ones he is making to choose. http://imgur.com/uyyPeJt
  2. Sure he can. I will contact him to say he can start when he has spare time. I let you know when they were done.
  3. On that source the line that i had to correct on my last source (to change the number revision) is correct. It wasn't your fault robert was mine for grab it too quickly and compile without seeing it first ¿What about the logo? ¿Do you want one new for it? The person who is making the new ones for me can do one for you if you want (is waiting orders ) Did you have the plugins directory? Or are you trying to use the DAT as it is. You can get this working on arcade 0.177 if you have the plugins directory and on arcade 0.177 in OPTIONS -> DEFAULT GAME OPTIONS go to MISCELLANEOUS II, then mark (if is not enabled by default) ENABLE INTERNAL LUA PLUGINS and in the box below you can select what plugin want to use, select hiscore from the list and you're ready to go.
  4. In first instance thanks both Robert and Mamesick for continuing supporting this derivative. I didn't know of this feature of your revision Robert, thanks for clarifying it. If you need a logo for the splash screen i think we can made a new one at the MameUIFX style for you if you want or something totally new EDIT: A question for you Robert. If i compile your source from scratch (untouched), it compiles fine but the revision number doesn't change, it puts 0.176 instead 0.177. ¿I'm doing something wrong? The makefile puts 0.177 but the result is 0.176 on the GUI (Compiled with mingw and on 32 and 64 bits). I ask this because yours is correct. Thanks in advance! EDIT2: Nevermind Robert i saw the error
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