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  1. has anyone been able to get 4 player working with mega bomberman on genesis? the first controller moves players 1 3 and 4 while the second controller controls 2 as it should. seems like maybe a multitap plugin or something of the sort isn't working correctly. for now i'm playing bomberman 94.
  2. never mind. i placed the cue file in with the bin and zip and everything is okay. well at least for world party. armageddon still doesn't load. but i'm happy with world party. thanks all.
  3. has anyone successfully gotten worms Armageddon or world party for playstation working? i have Armageddon working on n64 but it sucks. if someone has gotten them to work, could you please give me a small guide to get it working. all i get is a blank screen when i try to boot it. i have it showing up in list and it's trying to boot the bin file i assume but i get nothing.
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