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  1. Thanks Prican25! I couldn't have said it better myself!...some people just want to be spoon fed w/out taking a little initiative! -djohng <{POST_SNAPBACK}> this is the readme, please feel free to point out where the instructions are FBA-XXX Update: as of 12/25/04; (Happy Holidays!...Whatever holiday that you celebrate with your family!) ============================ TO DO AS of 12/25/04: (a small list and some touchups...) -Second Screenshot (or picture) directory [i.e. for cab or marquee pics]. -Test all roms; build a list of not working/errors and compare to latest neomame/mame release base. -Add newest kof2003 code by iq_132 released on 12/24/04. -Review neogeo driver & hacks, add other major ones, if necessary. -Alphabetize/reorder newest driver releases into game list (now at bottom of list for testing purposes). -Review and implement user comments if applicable. -Finalize neotext fix case format 3-7. (neorun.cpp) currently locks up on these cases; commented out specific code in drivers. [FYI...- Gogoackman newest source from 11/02 has NOT been added to the website; even though the FBA-XXX forums list it as online, all I can download is the 09/18 source...] New additions/changes: ====================== GAMES- NeoGeo (attempt to match current fbaxxx/neomame/mame releases & web forums). NeoGeo Hacks/Clones. Neotext fixes case format 1-7, newest pcm2 code specific to each driver. Other d_hyperpac.cpp; add Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom (set 4) - snowbroc d_superman.cpp; add Superman (Japan) - suprmanj d_tigerheli.cpp; add Tiger Heli (bootleg set 2) - tigerhb2 d_twinhawk.cpp; add Daisenpu (Japan) - daisenpu sega - COMPLETEd - Outrun with sound; updated original sound driver to be compatible with FBA-XXX XBox Source. [Added Outrun Set 2 & Set 3] - Afterburner 1&2 sound. Combined a number of old drivers from Afterburner..including Thunderblade Jap & RA2...Cleaner driver. cps1/2 - Capcom Updates from newest MAME rom sets tmnt preliminary driver added. (Rom Names Added...) I will create a patch based on Gogoackman latest 02/11 release. ================================================================================ ======= FBA-xxx Update: 09/21/04; -Implemented new 09/18/04 source changes by Gogoackman. -Corrected mslug4nd driver with correct crcs; fixing sound issue. -changed logo to fbaxxx boxcade. -Use 9/1/04 official fbaxxx mame release to utilize patch. FBA-XXX 09/17/04 -djohng ver. (MAME Version.xbe) As with the previous patches by others on 1emulation...I would also like to say that I'm not claiming to have done anything that anyone else couldn't to with the TIME and right software. I've just added additional drivers, activated debug drivers (to play around with) and added homebrew games to the 09-01 code..fixed up some bugs/code...etc.etc. A little background on this release...I made this for my boXcade cabinet..., and decided to share this with others who may enjoy it.
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