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  1. Well, I was trying and testing different configurations last weekend and


    I think Windows itself expands the splitters when you maximise, but doesn't restore them when you un-maximise.



    yes, I see that if you start/close the app maximased the splitters "walk"



    It sounds more like a problem with MAME rather than MAMEUI. What happens if you turn display scaling off? I think there's a MT bug logged about that.



    No, MAME works "well" (talking about this). Other thing is some emulation marked as good like cpc??? (it freezes & crashes if you load and run"***** a game, or use the command 'cat' after loading the disc, doesn't matter whether you load it with MessUI swlist panel or in-app MAME TAB menu).


    Well, talking about the scaling, MAME works well. I guess it bypasses the DPI scaling when executing a game in full-screen mode. The problem is that if I check "override high dpi scaling behavior" for MessUI/MameUI no errors about Direct3D 9 (unable to create device or not initialised) are shown when executing a system/game but the front-end interface becomes almost impossible to be used, small buttons/icons, etc.



    PS Watching the event viewer errors I realised that MessUI/MameUI internal version is 0.189 and if you put the mouse over the *.exe is shown as well.

  2. I'm facing the same trouble. The splitters walk. Every time I start and close the app, the second and third value of "splitters 152,744,1103" increase.



    - Unable to replicate a reported problem with fullscreen


    Maybe I gave you little information. Windows 10, 1920x1080 and 125% display scaling. I think that the problem is with d3d because if I change video config from auto to bgfx it works in fullscreen. My config is "video auto, window 1 and menu 1" and it works perfectly, then I hit "alt+enter" and see a white screen with the menu but if I hit "alt+enter" again it goes back well. If I start with "video auto, window 0 and menu 1" some errors are displayed about direct3d.

  3. Hi Robert,


    I haven't found the time to update Mame (Mess) for a long time, since 0.181. This afternoon I've decided to get down to work on it; I've run some systems and, now, my ini folder is messed up.


    Before, the system inis were saved at ini/presets and, now, mame (mess) has no config path for inis folder and every ini is saved at ini folder.


    I don't know if that change is for 184 version or earlier one, and if it's a change or an error.

  4. Glad to know that the project will continue; you know I love it and appreciate your hard work.


    In Spain, there is a saying and nowadays it has become very popular "Dios aprieta pero no ahoga" ("God squeezes but doesn't choke"); it's for necessity cases but that is MessUI for us.


    Thank you again, Robert.

  5. mess64 -cc create a new mess.ini but messui64 doesn't use it, messui64 -cc create mame.ini


    Too many bugs in system tabs (fields). I've deleted MessUi.ini to have a new and clear one but if I hide tabs or reorder them I get a mess.


    * NEWUI - Devices dropdown menu has been renamed to Media

    When executing a system I keep on seeing Devices menu, not Media, and it doesn't work


    * MESSUI - Multiple directories for snapshots, titles, marquees, cabinets, pcbs, control panels.

    no multiple directories for snapshots


    * MESSUI - Multiple directories for snapshots, titles, marquees, cabinets, pcbs, control panels.

    I don't see them right clicking on Folder list/Custom filters

  6. Well, it's not only a cassette stuff, floppy too. But, no matter; we can always use the common MAME menu pushing TAB key.


    For the usage field, I asked you about it because I've seen it in other frontends (q___, M____); I'm not going to mention them here.

  7. Wow, very fast!! You are actually a mameaholic. Thanks for your hard work!

    Something that you could add, in the 0.163 release, is a new field to the "Software list" tab. Now, there are Name, List, Description, Year and Publisher. The one I'm talking about is a very important info to load the software. "Usage" from the entry "<info name="usage" value="Load with BLOAD"CAS:",R"/>".

    As well, I've been thinking of my proposal about the round buttons for selecting the cass/flop number. I don't know if you will try to implement it but my conclusion is that it's not the best way; there is software which has up to cass50 (flop53). So, I think that it's better a pull-down menu. The example picture is from airborne (cpc_cass), it doesn't have the info "Side A;B;C;D" but that info exists in other software. It's from the entry
    <part name="cass1" interface="msx_cass">
    <feature name="part_id" value="Side A"/> and MAME displays it like "Cass1 (Side A)"




    Thanks again.

  8. Evenflow, you can manually change mess.ini located in ini folder. The problem is that every system, once played, will save its ini file with the current config and that file has priority over mess.ini


    If you want to add an effect, on 0.162, look for something like this in your ini file, modify it and save the file.

    brightness 1.0
    contrast 1.0
    gamma 1.0
    pause_brightness 0.65
    effect Scanlines75x2_j4

  9. Hi Robert,


    this is what I wrote before:


    1. I have noticed that there is a trouble, in MessUI, with the software lists of some systems which are downward compatible (MSX systems, ...) or have different interfaces to load games (cass, carts, flops...). There are duplicated names of games (the same software set name for cart, cass or flop and for MSX1/MSX2) and MessUI only shows one of them on Software tab.

    2. Besides, I consider that it would be nice to have an easy-to-access round buttons, in (System Menu Bar)/Devices/Cassettes(Floppys), for selecting tape/disc 1, 2 ,3 ,4, ..., just reading the XML for every set as it's possible in MESS/File Manager. Please, see the image. I've retouched a picture adding what I'm talking about.


    I'm going to try to explain it better although English is not my native language:


    1. When you have a system that can loads apps/games from different software lists, MESSUI only shows one (e.g. see the image for cpc464 system, there are the same software names for cpc_cass and for cpc_flop and the Software List Tab on MESSUI doesn't list both games. Even worse on MSX systems, MSX2 is downward compatible so it can play msx1_cass, msx1_cart, msx1_flop, msx2_cass, msx2_cart, msx2_flop). To solve it I think you must distinguish between the same names from all the software lists that a system can loads.




    2. Programing isn't one of my skills but the same way MESSUI reads the *.xml to display the software list and I can play a game double clicking a name I think it's possible the implementation of choosing cass/flop 1,2,3,4, .. MAME supports that function in FILE MANAGER so I guess it's possible, writing the code is another matter.


    I hope you can understand it now.



    A new issue, for me, has come out with the new version 0.162 but I think it's a problem in the source code of MAME (tried mame64.exe from mamedev, my compilation and mess64.exe from here, and messui64 fails too because it doesn't show the snaps of MSX2 systems). When I try lo load the software lists of any MSX2 system, MAME and MESS forces close itself (it was OK in 0.161)

    I've been looking into this issue and the problem is msx2_flop.xml, using the one of 0.161 it works perfectly.

    Error found. "towercab" entry in msx2_flop.xml is lack of datas according to softwarelist.dtd, deleting this entry the emulator works well.

  10. Hi,


    what I can see on Windows 7 64 bits


    1. Ok, you can select the effect from the GUI but it's not saved in CORE SCREEN OPTIONS (mess.ini)

    2. I think like Robert. That is because the first system listed with "ams" is cpc464. I've tried it on my old core2duo laptop, OMG! so it's my children laptop, 45 seconds. But it takes the same time if you click on it (move the scroll bar and click on cpc464)

    3. I have no problem with the rompath (mine: rompath roms1;roms2;software)

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