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  1. Oh ok. As I said, minor issues, I see the workarounds now. I'd just hate to see it become worse, also it sometimes hard to see what's actually supposed to work and not, though this isn't a specific problem with the gui . Thanks for maintaining it.
  2. Under the Advanced tab, MESSUI allows to select an effect file (such as scanlines, aperture etc.). These are normally located in the "artwork" folder. Whatever you choose there is not saved, the effect is never applied. Checking older versions of MESS with UI, I found there is an "effect" line in the ini under "Windows Video Options". This line is missing by default now it seems. 2) Indeed! I moved the cpc_flop.xml out of hash, and presto, cpc almost instantly usable. Thanks. I actually don't know what you mean by setting the ini files up - in my experience everything was set up automatically. I found now while comparing with version 0149u1, that for some reason my rompaths aren't updated anymore in inis with whatever I specified via gui. Writing the path in mess.ini manually makes it work. This had the curious effect that after an audit, MESSUI told me that various systems I had started before were now available, but they still would not work, because the system-specific ini was still pointing to the old path. After deletion of those inis, those systems naturally work as well.
  3. Hello, I'm having some minor issues with MESSUI (This is on XP 32 bit). They are not new, but I finally thought I might point them out, maybe there is a fix in the cards. 1) Effect files cannot be handled from the gui. Inserting the "effect" line in a system's ini works and it will appear in the gui, but it's not possible to manipulate the settings there. 2) MESSUI doesn't like it when I'm entering "ams" in the search field - if you want to e.g. list Amstrad platforms that way, it causes relatively high cpu load/freezes. 3) Specifying a different rompath doesn't work anymore. Outside of the "roms" directory where MESS/MESSUI is located, Bios files won't be recognized.
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