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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to the maker of the 3a and 3b discs. I installed them on my xbox HDD 2 days ago and they run great from there. Hopefully I can find some of the other discs somewhere out of newsgroups, but they seem to be pretty hard to get in torrents or other places. I planned to get them all and share them on emule or somewhere that would have others that would get them and then share constantly, but I guess you guys don't like to share to the general public, so I'll erase the Isos soon since theyre on my xbox HDD already and taking up over 3GB each on my pc HDD for nothing.
  2. bt-xbox-sky.com or torrent-lab would prob be the safest bets IMO. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Just tried both of those and their registrations are disabled. Any other suggestions? I think the whole BT community is still reeling from SN shutting down, and nobody seems to know what the 'best' server is right now. Maybe I'll just wait for Exeem? skinlayers <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have BAED Disc 3a and Disc 3b on emule. I got them on there from a guy that also visits these forums. He set them up for me after I PMed him on xbox-scene forums asking about these discs as we both als
  3. Hmmm.... Suprnova is down for good. Does anyone have suggestions on where I should post the torrent so the most people will find it? skinlayers <{POST_SNAPBACK}> bt-xbox-sky.com or torrent-lab would prob be the safest bets IMO. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hey guys I'm new here. Just wondering on the status of these discs as torrents. Haven't seen them anywhere. Also, I have asked a friend to send me the 3b disc through a p2p program. It will take a long time as its only going at 7-12 kb/s, but if I do get any of these discs I will help share them as they sound great. By th
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