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  1. Thanks for all ur help...feel like this newbie made a break through today.
  2. I went from being stuck at 25% (3 days) to finally getting someone to seed...am now at 68% and counting.... The download is for CoinOPS 5 full (R1), once I install (ftp) onto my xbox, do I then go to each update and add to the installation folder? For instance...get the update for let's say R5 then add....then take R9 then add that too...repeat up until R22?
  3. Feel like a squirrel just trying to find a nut, fortunately for me...these forums are GPS to a newbie like me. Thanks to those of you that have paved the way...hopefully I'm the voice of the silent majority..!!!
  4. Thanks, I already have that info., along with Mega uploads and a host of half a dozen other websites. I guess I'll figure it out...eventually. I've been downloading it for several days, really difficult to find anyone seeding this file. Kinda' like Interview with a Vampire: Armand tells Louie...."Maybe you didn't ask the right question"....
  5. Thanks gamez fan, I'm sure you mean well. Try to imagine, you're asking for directions...and someone points outward and says "it's that way somewhere". If you have it, what was your experience?
  6. Mine was unexpected. Competing twin sisters...and yes, each trying to out do the other. Started innocently on the couch(sofa), kissing one while the other rub my shoulders. That's when the jealous rivalry began. I experienced something I'll never, EVER forget....but the bubble bursted when the Mom came home early. I know some of you are wondering...holy hell...ultimate MILF action, trust me...she looked like a Troll (Orc), girls got their looks elsewhere. I ended up running out the house naked with my clothes and shoes covering my frontside down the road. Told you...one I'd never forget!!!!
  7. I'm a newbie, and love gaming...especially nostalgic (old school)games. CoinOPS is like the "Eleanor Mustang" of arcade gaming....but I don't know where to start. Since R22 is the last update, is there a base CoinOPS 5 version I download first? If so, where can I find it? Trust me, feel like an idiot child for asking, though I'm trying...the more I read, the more questions I have. Seems like I have some of the pieces, just need help putting them together. You know when you see an accident on the road, everyone slows down to see, but no one really stops to help....I'm the mangled mess, and I need help. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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