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  1. Man, this is crazy. They found two russian nationals with a car with massachusetts plates with supposed explosives. This is in New York, 20 minutes from my house. Just crazy.
  2. No problem, thanks for the detailed answer! Thats what I was afraid of. I was hoping to go the legit route and play a dump of what I purchased. So these files could technically contain a playable game, however they have been packaged for specific ports, therefore making them unreadable? Many thanks again!
  3. Progress! (somewhat) So after extensive research, I was able to track down a BMS script capable to extracting the simpsons.sr file leaving again 6 files, this time with .KON / .ROM file extensions. Again, these files showed up in MAME, but after trying to load the game, i'm met with this message: Here are the files with MD5/Checksum: Simpsons_4J.KON - aea60dcc4c372310a33be37474ea80a5Simpsons_4WA.KON - 9184fa8dc11dcacfbbd0ff043bc2388fSimpsons_SAMPLES.ROM - f035fa135c057375931c5d05fed11a04Simpsons_SOUND.ROM - 8f668a0ad3943644efd66addd9dbda50Simpsons_SPRITES.ROM - 32de9f1d89cd53410d4bae775ffe8369Simpsons_TILES.ROM - 9b9c7e7c97143d300c3a6a981e6a7e89 One step closer, I can feel it!
  4. See that where im stuck. I am having trouble extracting the data from the simpsons.sr file. I'm not familiar with the .sr format. i used a program called offzip.exe to attempt to extract them, but all I got were some files with a .dat file extension. However the puzzling thing was, it extracts 6 files, and when I zip up the .dat files, MAME shows them as a working rom.
  5. Sorry for the delay. Without further ado... Here is the structure of the XBOX Version: Here is the structure of the PS3 Version: I am more than happy to explain more if needed. Also, what is more perplexing is that MAME reads it! I just cant get it to run.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome! I have tinkered with my purchases in Virtual Console as well, that's what gave me the idea! I cant imagine them reworking the entire game, if they wanted to retain its originality. I have posted this on other sites and havent heard anything, so either there isn't much interest on the Xbox scene, or I just havent seen any substantial articles on this yet. Out of curiosity, I looked into the PS3 version of the game as well, and found the structure, and the file naming, and size to be identical. Basically, they are the same files, just packaged to work with the PSN. From what I see, I can guess is that this Simpsons.sr file contains the US as well as the Japan ROM.
  7. Right! I was just as baffled. When I get home from work, ill show screens from MAME itself.
  8. Hi all, If this is in anyway infringing on the board rules, then close it. (As far as I can see it isn't ) I have purchased the Simpsons Arcade game from Xbox Arcade, and was tinkering with the files to locate the ROM to play on MAME. (I am doing this for curiosity sake, something I was interested in seeing if this was possible.) After backing up the purchase to a flash drive and using various xbox specific tools, I was able to get a simpsons.sr file. I then extracted the simpsons.sr file, and it exported 6 .dat files. When opening simpsons_fw.sr in PSPad text editor , it shows a listing for 6 files, which i'm assuming are the actual ROM files themselves. When compressed in a .zip and loaded into MAME it reads the files as "Simpsons Arcade (4 Players, Set 1)", however I cannot get it to load. My guess is that it would require drivers to be written? Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks in advance
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