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  1. Hi all. I need your help to complete my romset. I have looked in newsgroups, DC++ and IRC but could not find my missing roms I hope someone reads this and tries to help, otherwise I am stuck. If you use ClrMAME, my missing dat file is here: http://www.kash.nildram.co.uk/fixdat.dat My email address is abdksh@hotmail.com Any help would be appreciate very much, many thanks.
  2. ...gotta have more than xors to run!! I do have it added in my newest build...just no way to run it w/out the actual roms! -djohng <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The progear rom is released in newsgroups
  3. BAED 3A & BAED 3B Both are posted on newsgroup: alt.binaries.games.xbox BAED 3A ID = 1359 BAED 3B ID = 1358 A was posted 4 days ago & B was done 2 days ago.
  4. Hi to all, many thanks for all the info. Now that I have a large list, I downloaded almost all I could get my hands on. My problem is, where do I find the driver information for each games to add to the Kawaks 1.46 loader's asr.dat? Also if anyone already has one, please could you share a ClrMame or Romcenter DAT file to verify each game. Thanks.
  5. Mr.X can you please explain what is PCB and MVS? Finding the roms seems to be the easy part, but most of them I have don't work. I have downloaded many versions of kof2002.zip and kof2003.zip. I was hoping if someone can provide a Kawaks asr.dat and or a Romcenter dat file, I would appreciat it very much.
  6. Sengoku 3 is playable on Kawaks 1.50 I have 2 versions, one is Decrypted. I can't provide a link as I download all my roms from Newsgroup channels, mainly the MAME channel. Anyone has a Romcenter DAT file to verfiy the new games?
  7. Thanks for your post. I have added some games onto my download list after viewing your game list. I am not really too bothered about the extra hacked versions, but the actual main games themselves.
  8. Hi, recently I have managed to complete my Kawaks 1.50 games. I now have a total of 423 / 423 games I know there are more games that are not supported by this emulator yet, like kof2002, svcplus etc I wanted to know if anyone has a complete list of games for the neogeo, that are not listed on Kawaks 1.50? Please list any that you know of, even if it isn't a complete list. So far I have found these and added to the Kawaks 1.46 with Loader: King of Fighters 2002 - kof2k2nd.zip King of Fighters 2003 - kf2k3up.zip **Works with Kawaks 1.46, but has a PLUS text in the game** King of Fighters 2004 Special - kof2k4.zip Metal Slug 4 - mslug4.zip Metal Slug 5 - mslug5.zip Rage of the Dragon - rotd.zip Samurai Shodown 5 - samsho5.zip Samurai Shodown 5 Special - samsho5sp.zip SNK VS Capcom - svcc.zip SNK VS Capcom Plus (Bootleg /Hack}- svcplus.zip Please add anymore games if anyone thinks of more Also if anyone has a Romcenter.dat file to verify these games, please attach one. Thanks.
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