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  1. Well, I can tell you, I just bought a GBA SP unit (Flame RED) and it's great! The lighted screen and built in rechargeable battery are well worth the extra $$$$$$$! The next day I received the EZF Flash 256 unit also from http://www.link-to-us.com/home.asp let me say, GREAT PRICE, GREAT SERVICE, FAST DELIVERY! I will definitely continue dealling with these people! I don't think the capacity listed for this card takes into account using ziped GBA roms because I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was able to load : Gameboy Advance Games; 1. Castlevania 2. Zelda 3. Metroid 4. Atari Anniversary ED. 5. Super Mario Adv. 6. Super Bubble POP. PLUS I used a utility that creates a GBA rom slideshow from pictures and so in addition to the 6 GBA games listed I also have a little slide show with 6 of my fav pics of me and my wife! The unit works great, the software is very straight forward (JUST REMEMBER: when you have the driver, client running and the cartrige plugged in hold start/pause down when you turn on your GBA unit and the link will be made successfully! I know these people make a good profit on these units but the work as promised and who wouldn't want to carry 6 great games and a slide show in one cartrige? Hell I will never plug in another cart! Go for it, you wont regret it!!!!
  2. First a VIC 20, then Commodore 64, then after seeing a friends Amiga 1000 around 1985 I was amazed! Over 4000 AND stereo sound and multi-tasking OS when most PC's were mono-chrome dos terminals with mono bleeps.............. soon I got an Amiga 500, eventually a 1200. People thought AMIGA would never be well emulated on PC and IF Amiga had kept evolving that may of been true. Instead Amiga development all but ceased in Canada and U.S. at the same time PC CPU kept increasing in speed while emulation improved. In a weird way it's come full circle, I started by inserting a floppy into an A500 to boot a complete multi tasking O.S. and today on my ATHLON 1800+ PC I can boot an Emulator CD (AMITHLON/Amiga OSxl) and boot into a kick-ass Amiga environment....
  3. Cool bud, just to be clear, it's not a knock in any way, you do what you got to do, this board and the effort you put into it is appreciated!
  4. THANK YOU for your assistance! Just tried a quick test (retro gaming icon the bartender from Tapper) when I find something better I will know how to use it thanks!!!!
  5. I think that's a great idea for a help section!!!!! That being said........ I have a question regarding all of you with cool personalized icons...How did you DO that? PLEASE tell me. I visit several forums and choose some icon from the one's provided then sure enough I always notice other member's with cool personal icons that they added themselves. Now believe it or not I'm pretty handy with PC and knowledgable but this FORUM thing is fairly new to me so if anyone could explain in relatively simple terms how to add my own personal icon (IE: AVATAR) I would be eternally greatful!!!!!!!
  6. Well, I've been a way a little while and so was surprised about the new look of this board. I'm a for whatever keeps this board going in any form but DAMN, the new look is in stark contrast to the original! Oh well, thought the old one looked cool but I guess I'll get use to the look of the new one (IE: the less unique look).
  7. I downloaded the Rage of The dragons rom and put into rom folder for Nebula however, it doesn't seem to recognize it, do I need to do something else to play that rom?
  8. Does anyone here know........what games can NEBULA emulate that MAME does not? I'm trying to verify the benefit of using Nebula, it's a great emulator but MAME emulates just about everything, if anyone can supply or tell me where I can get a list of emulated games exclusive to Nebula that would be great.....
  9. I use PJ64 which is pretty great! I was tempted to get Adaptoid to use real N64 pad but I already have an adapter to use my PSX pad and works pretty good! Anyway, I was wondering, for roms that are listed with messages like "no plugin support" "no sound" etc, can that be improved with different plugins? I'm pretty sure stuff like Resident Evil 2 can't be made to run well but I cant run indiana Jones-Infernal Machine or Tetris 64 or somr others run very poorly. I'm sure my system is fine as other games like Conkers, Mario, Ridge Racer etc run great! Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Thank you for the reply, well I guess it would be easier to have the emulators on seperate cd's.....which emulators do you enjoy most and are the best ones?
  11. If anyone can help please......... I know that using Dreaminducer or selboot inducer or something like that, one can have several emulators or homebrew games on on cd and select each one from a menu system. This sounds great as it allows more flexibility while having more choice/content on one Dreamcast disk. I would like too have one disc (I don't mind having ROMS on another disk) with as many choices of emulators, homebrew games, utilities etc. as possible on one disk BUT I found the methods to create one very confusing. I would ask more knowlegeable people to either inform me in easy too follow steps HOW to do this successfully and/or to provide links where I might download image files of ones that have already been created? Thank you for your time and consideration!
  12. I loved it. The thing is with Jim Carrey is people either love him or hate him, regardless of the type of movie he does. Personally I saw him years ago live at Yuk yuks comedy club before his career took of and I knew he was goin somewhere (though I never thought he'd go this far.) I enjoyed the movie, I'm a fan so I'm biased but anyways it's more along the lines of Liar Liar than ace Ventura so keep that in mind when seeing it. One last point, I found it funny as I overheard a couple in front of us and the girl was saying how she thought Liar Liar was stupid and I could only think to myself "Well, what are you expecting with this movie then? Why the #(*&^%(! are you here?"
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