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  1. Is Djohng dead?


    no. Just got back to US from Argentina (real-life business related)


    I havent release yet, due to a bug in the video selection; it crept in before I left on my vacation & business trip. Just now jumping back in to squash it.


    Plus add more drivers, that have been recenttly added by others on the PC version.



  2. Update FBA XXX Pro 1.29


    The next version of FBA XXX Pro will be released within two weeks. This version brings new games/drivers closer to version 2.96.71. It also includes beta & neo-geo games, not in the PC version. There have been a significant amount of new games added, and testing each driver is a task within itself!


    On a side note; +T+ has asked that I take over the lead & coordination for the FBA-XXX Pro project.


    +T+ and I started down a parallel path several years ago when the source code for FBA-XXX was released. We both envisioned a version that was not for the casual, mainstream xbox gamer, but a version, which used the latest versions of games for the hard-core, emulator fan. My FBA-Xtreme, and his FBA-XXX Pro.


    Thoughout the past few years, we have coordinated efforts, shared ideas (especially, when one of us was stuck with a code problem) or new features (like the kiosk mode for arcade cabinets.) +T+ was much a hard-core coder as he is a gamer...which drove quick releases and updates on a regular basis. :banghead:


    I would like to publically thank +T+ for our "virtual" friendship, ideas and passion for moving the xbox emulator community in a positive direction.


    Please send him your best wishes for future endeavors; he has offered to jump in to help from time to time, so he is not leaving!...just taking a break.


    So, I am starting this new thread for the reasons above, and if you are interested in new features, find bugs, issues, etc. to post them here or send me an email with the new release.


    I will announce on the forums when it is posted on xbins...I'm trying to get it released by May 12 (before I head out on vacation for 2+ weeks :angry: )


    Happy Gaming!


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  3. If your not aware of the FBA PC version v0.2.96.71 latest updates, checkout:




    The author has added new drivers & fixed several of the beta drivers that I was working on. I haven't seen any updates from 1.28 lately, and I recently moved my family from Cleveland, Ohio to Atlanta, GA for a new job...one of the main reasons, I've been away from the scene for months.


    I'll be updating my version of FBA-Xtreme with the new 2.96.71 source, and sending the compiled version & source to xbins.


    +T+: contact me when you get a chance!


    New email address if anyone wants to drop me a note: djohng@comcast.net


    -regards & game on! ;)



  4. After looking at your source, I may have used a simpler method to produce approx. the same results (and it's easy to custmize, once +T+ decides to release the pro source publicly.)


    It's nice to review other logic/programming to produce similar output.



  5. ....The xbox is more like an arcade PCB than a console at this point.  Hopefully Gogo's release will address my 1 small issue.


    Its such a minor point



    The point you make about "more like an arcade PCB than a console"...is my personal logic behind including this information (ie. credits, shutting down xbox, etc.) Someone else could utilize this very easily for a commercial arcade machine...I also think Gogoackman would agree on this point...


    (if you dont believe me...look at Taito Legends 2 with a hex code reader...this "commercial xbox game" is nothing more than mameox with a fancy interface!!)


    ...this is also the same reason I did not publicly release the "autoload game" on startup feature... it was an easy feature to code....but it could lead to commercial exploitation...


    When, Gogoackman releases his version, you can figure out my kiosk code...since I documented it within the source, and compile your own custom cabinet version.



  6. In kiosk mode the X button should bring up a menu that only allows you to view the help and credits screens as well as exit the emulator.


    I completely concur with djohng's decision to retain access to these screens since they contain important information about the emulator.


    All that needs to be done then is to remove "Shutdown Xbox" from that menu...that would do it...should be an easy one i would think...


    Thanks again :P


    Thanks +T+ for releasing the 1.14 so quick today. I was out with clients at the Cleveland Cavs basketball playoffs tonight (in USA)...so I didnt get a chance to review your notes until tonight.




    As far as the X blue to the small submenu. I'm keeping this for kiosk since, resizing the screen is important, as well as credits, and shutting down the Xbox, pausing etc., since very few people have your setup...including myself.


    Removing the credits, does a dis-service to many of the people who have contributed to the project...which I will never remove in a public version...and it would also contribute to a illegal commercial use of this emulator <_<...enough said.


    Your always free to modify the public fbaxxx source to your own personal tastes/cabinet....



  7. kiosk mode should disable the "X" (blue) and "Y" yellow buttons.  In FBAxxx 1.13 when i am in the game select screen and press yellow  I get the controls setup screen.  Pressing Blue "A" brings up the options screen.  Both should be disabled.  When exiting a game I am still getting an options screen.  It should go to game select menu...


    Thanx Djohng for your hours of work.  Its looking good.  Just those 2 things and it will be perfect.


    Thanx so much :)


    Y should be disabled...no controls should be configurable in kiosk mode


    As far as, X blue, (not sure where you get A blue), a smaller menu should come up...Resize Screen, Credits, Help, Exit FBAXXX, and Shutdown XBox in the main menu...a similar one for In-Game with Dip Switches, Help, Resize Screen, Exit Game (This small menu can be used to pause a game...)


    ....both worked when I sent the code...but mistakes can happen in the conversion from old version code to new... :D


    I also have a small fix for the default_kiosk skin too.


    +T+: See unlucky.13....check your email....remember I was working on 1.01 code...not 1.12


    I guess 1.13a??



  8. Hi, Djong,have you debugged those 2 roms?



    1)kof2k2bl.zip has a bug ( all the screen is full of lines and so it's impossible to see the game)


    2)kf2k2mp2.zip : when a play the game, it appears that the file 2k2-p2.bin has a wrong CRC


    I take those 2 roms from Prican collection,so they have to work,isn't it?


    They don'y work...


    THank you :D



    I only worked on the kiosk mode...I leave those issues to the neogeo/fbaxxxpro coders like +T+, Prican25 & irc132.


    (If it's related to another non-neogeo game/driver, I'll take a look at it.)


    -djohng (semi-awake after 6 hours sleep)

  9. UPDATE for everyone:


    Code is complete & tested (hopefully bug free!).


    Finished a kiosk skin and....I also located another older skin by ?? that would also work very well.


    Just emailed to +T+ for implementing in his next Pro release.


    Gogoackman: If you would like the code & skins for regular fbaxxx, just PM me.


    -djohng (and very tired...it's 1AM going to bed. <_<

  10. Kiosk Mode for FBA-XXX Pro is completed. <_<


    ...some final testing this weekend to see if I can break it....you never know with kids or parties!


    TO DO:

    - I'm also going to include modified help screens in kiosk mode (they will not have all of the commands on them..since they're not available in this mode.)


    - Change main menu [X - Setup Menu] to [X - Exit] in kiosk mode.


    COMPLETED - code finished.



  11. I spent some time today reviewing the code, and I like the notion of a kiosk mode, which would "disable" the X & Y setup button in the menu, and also the in-game setup.  This would work in a situation with a group of friends playing or party with kids, without kicking the emulator into the setup and changing a critical setting.  This is similar to a feature in several PC MAME front-ends   Also, once the emulator started, you could not exit without turning off the xbox (or power to my boXcade cabinet)


    -just a quick update...I've added a kiosk bool variable in the ini file; 0 for kiosk mode off. (normal opertation). kiosk = 1 for mode on. You would have to manually change this by editing the ini...no options in setup menu...doesn't make logical sense.


    ..also to exit a game to "main menu game list" the same buttons would be used, but a simple Exit Game window would pop up, instead of the full In Game Menu setup window.


    Besides, my comments above...does anyone else have input on how the kiosk mode should work...I only want to code this once (and quick...since my time is limited lately...new baby in the house <_<...that's why I've been scarce on the forums!)





    *Main Menu Game List Kiosk Mode and "eliminate" Y button for controller configuration in main menu is completed.



    *"In-game menu" kiosk mode (In Game setup menu...changes) completed.

  12. I had no plans to implement a 'kiosk' mode since I myself don't have anything like that sort of setup. But if people want it then I'd be happy to add your code to the next build when you have it up and running (with full credit to you of course).  :afro:



    As for the autoboot option, it just seems pointless. To me the whole appeal of an emulator like this is to be able to choose from multiple games to play on the emulated hardware. Besides is it really that much work to just highlight a game in the list and press A?

    I spent some time today reviewing the code, and I like the notion of a kiosk mode, which would "disable" the X setup button in the menu, and also the in-game setup. This would work in a situation with a group of friends playing or party with kids, without kicking the emulator into the setup and changing a critical setting (like changing progressive mode - it kills my vga arcade monitor to black). This is similar to a feature in several PC MAME front-ends Also, once the emulator started, you could not exit without turning off the xbox (or power to my boXcade cabinet)


    ..I almost forgot...I would have the modify the default skin to remove the X setup graphics...minor details...


    ...and I didn't think about the auto game startup feature...after Gogoackman mentioned it could be used for commercial purposes..I'm killing the idea.



  13. I also have an Xbox via Jamma based arcade cabinet (capcom 6 button)

    And i want to know some things.


    Currently, the buttons is mapped (via an xbox->jamma adapter called MGCD) so i DON'T have the following keys: L & R + both analog sticks and also the back button is missing.

    Is it possible to customize the shortcuts so that for exampe Black+White+Start = return to the game select screen?


    Another question: the joysticks in my cabinet is mapped so that they trigger a full "analog" press. this makes navigating trough the romlist almost impossible. (even how fast i try to press down, it jumps like 10 roms down...) Is this problem possible to solve (an option that makes it possible to choose if the analog stick should be emulating a digital joystick would be the best thing).


    And one more thing:

    Is it possible to make FBA-xxx autoload a rom on startup? (edit some.ini file?)



    Have you tried changing the controller settings (both globally & per game?) Each game can be customized with separate ini files.


    I think you mean both digital sticks...the analog stick is the cross pad, and if you use the digital stick, the list "flies", whereas the analog stick seem to be able to click through the rom list at a nice slow pace.


    This sounds like an issue with the jamma board?..I've never run into this before...I have two different control panels I built for my cabinet, one is like the item you describe above, and I've never experienced this before. I only switched to the x-arcade development board because it offered more choices for controls.


    ...And loading a rom on startup...I guess some code could be added in the interface or fbaxxx.ini to autoload a rom...not sure why you would want this feature.


    ...almost same thing as Sammax mentioned in another thread; "kiosk mode" (this could be implemented by adding some code to remove the X button for menu setup...again in the ini file...so little kiddies couldnt mess with it.)


    ..I have some fairly recent fbaxxx code, that I use for implementing/testing beta games (games not in the current version 1.12)...that I'll add these features to see if the "logic" works...kiosk mode, and autostart game, and submit to +T+ (...unless he beats me to it....which he does most of the time!)



  14. ok guys, got a friend of mine that has a x-arcade stick and he knows theres a configuration for it but he wants to know if theres a way to get back to the menu/rom list with it?



    I have a similar setup in my boXcade cabinet. It uses the x-arcade development board...essentially it's the same as your friends. FBA-XXX was built with the x-arcade in mind.


    1st change the controller setup in player one from analog to x-arcade (in the setup menu via X and then use the analog to move right for player 1...it will change from analog to x-arcade)


    Then, after you start a game, to get back to the main menu (and exit the game) press both right & left trigger buttons. You can also customize the mapping of the buttons in setup, but I use the default x-arcade setup.


    checkout the controller layout pic. The L & R black buttons.



    -djohng :clapping:


  15. The reason why I've not wanted to release the NG drivers is because I always assumed that if I did then FBA-XXX would use the updated ones instead of the ones it currently does. I think this would be a shame because FBA-XXX's ROMsets are the ones that are most widely available on the net and therefore are the ones that most players will have. So, by having two seperate versions, everyone can enjoy the games and be happy whether they care about having latest ROMs or not.


    Also, since I'm not much of a coder,  Many of the changed parts of the source (particularly the NG drivers) are a mess and really need some cleaning up. I keep meaning to try and do it but never seem to have the time.


    I'm very glad to hear you say that FBA-XXX is still open-source. The code has always been an excellent source of learning for me. And I'm certainly looking forward to finding out the cause of the s1945 problem.  :)


    + T +




    (..been absent for a while due to a stupid harddrive crash...and computer rebuild..)


    Why not include the neogeo sources from both versions...similar to the "old" & "new" set version from months ago? You could even add a flag in the ini for standard/pro neogeo sets...


    ...And have the best of both sources.


    I think it's a little crazy about the many versions that keep floating around...that's why I will continue to share the fbaxxx-treme changes...and then your free to add or build upon whatever you want.


    How about we shake hands/group hug...and get back to enjoying our fba-xxx? :afro:



  16. the parent for batlle garegga keeps getting a bad rom(keeps looping) error when it does its check when it loads, but the clones are fine.


    Are you sure the battlega rom is not corrupted? Did you verify the file with clrmame...it's very strange that the clones are fine, but the parent has an error.


    It has to be with your save file on E being corupted or the rom itself...also be sure your xbox clock is set...I remember the neogeo games having issues if the clock on the xbox was corupted.


    All sets of battlega parent and clone work fine for me.



  17. UPDATE:

    The battleg and svcchaos problems are proving more tricky than I thought. I've asked djohng to take a look at the latter when he gets the chance. In the meantime I've assigned both sets NOT_WORKING status. Use clone sets instead for now.  :banghead:



    I've taken a look at the battleg driver, and do not have any problems running the game with my source. +T+ and I have compared source and rom CRCs, but there are no differences.


    Game boots & runs fine...so as of right now, I can't tell you what your problem is? The game is 4M, so it really shouldn't be using VM.


    What is the exact error your getting? Is it an FBA error or a rom error?



  18. Have you edited driverlist.h to add the new drivers?


    I also only use orignal encrypted p roms for my MAMEoX build, and use both dercypted v and decrypted c. And I still named them nd set. That doesnt matter in fact:)

    I am indeed editing driverlist.h. I can replace the drivers already listed there with new ones and they show up fine. But if I just add a driver from scratch it doesn't show up at all. Older versions of FBA-XXX listed the drivers in burn.cpp and you could add new ones by editing this file, but the newer builds don't do this. :(


    Yeah, I know the set names don't really matter but I'm picky like that. Sets like s1945pd and nitdd use this naming convention so I thought other Decrypted C sets should as well. Keeps things nice and consistent. :). As soon as I figure out how to add drivers properly I'll have it so the build supports sets with either name.


    You can edit driverlist.h; but this file is actually autogenerated by the scripts listed in the fbaxxx tools section. It also alphabetizes the games.


    I'm not sure why your added games don't show up...even editing by hand should make them show up, as long as, the names are unique and match the driver names...this is the method I use for beta testing, and then I run the scripts once everything works with a new driver.


    Remember...in driverlist.h, there are 3 sections which require having the driver listed. Are you sure you are adding the new driver name in each section??



  19. Did you first delete the MAMEoX save file from the xbox dashboard? I found this to work if a new version of mameox was not detected...you know during the initially seq. if it doesn't work.


    As long as the roms are named properly than they'll show up in the list.


    ..also the crystal bios games are listed as starting with "The"; not what you think they should be! List the roms by year not by name and go to 2001+, you'll see what I mean...it threw me for a little bit till I figured it out.


    Yeah, I did that. I also added KoF2K4 at the same time and it appeared in the list just fine. And I did look down in the "The" and it wasn't there. Now, you say as long the ROMS are named properly, but that is my point! There was no DAT for the Crystal build so I have no idea if they are named correctly.


    Only in BlenderMame will the crystal bios games work...and the 3 roms should match the mame090 PC version exactly; names and dat info.



  20. After more than a whole year , without a release, here we have a new version


    What's New?





    This is still an alpha release!


    Note that this version CANNOT be compiled with GCC!


    - converted all code to optionally use unicode.

    - Added a driver for 68EC020 based Psikyo hardware.

    - Added the English language version of Dangun Feveron.

    - Added a built-in graphical 68000 family debugger.

    - Added a second 68000 CPU core. For plain 68000 CPUs you can select

    which core to use, the new one also emulates 68010 and 68EC020 CPUs.

    - Fixed the overclock feature for Neo Geo;

    - Added a DirectX Graphics 9 blitter (see system requirements, below);

    - Performed miscellaneous minor bugfixes;

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