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  1. hahhaa... yes, i go wit it as well, but i think its not jus the boobies, the entire game's animation is nice.. very cool i think, but hard to play
  2. yes.. the game looks good.. but the control is a pain, infact its a very big pain if u are used to playing faster paced games like kof and street fighter.. but i seen my friend played rumble fish.. and he seems to play it very well, and very smooth.. i guess its jus a new system to play on.. like some other different fighting game.
  3. oic.. hmm.. now i noe thnx, hahaks..
  4. Lol, cool it. It is all just a joke ok? No hard feeling ok, if its a joke i take it haha.. but anyways, atomswave.. which means there will be more waiting for such an emulator to come out lol.. but i seen a guilty gear game for PC.. isnt that from atomswave too?
  5. Yes, I'm using kaillera.. when i try to hsot a game, it shows there kof 96 to 2002.. but not 2003 which is the one i hav.. hmm.. kawaks dev or a special version or mame?
  6. how come i cant host or join an internet game for kof 2003? i have the game and im playin it for 1 player.. but i cant join the net play!? i see otheres playin tho..
  7. .... yes so I'm a newbie, its a crime? dun hav to be so sacastic... Who did this to you when you were noobs?
  8. Hey is there a Rumble Fish rom anywhere? if there is, which emulator do i use it with? [i didnt post a rom site, nor did i ask for a rom site, Im jus asking a question ]
  9. pluggins? hmmm? thats something new to me.. take for example.. pscx2, how many files am i suppose to download? i see a pscx2, and a pscx2source.. is there supposed to be more?
  10. sorry but i neeed more help.. i cant open the dvd.. it opens the DATA, MODULES, MOVIES, SD.... but i still cant open game!! Im using pcsx2 for the emulatore.. can someone pls tell me whats wrong? thanks!
  11. hmmm... is there any other good rom sites like this one? ----> Neo-Geo I use this site alot.. but it haven been updated much.. i wanna play new games so if u can help.. pls do =) Maybe you can msg me on a site or something..
  12. hey, so do we download ps2 roms, den use the emulator? or do we use the ps2 cds..?
  13. hmmm... kof 2k3 is out for emulation for neoragex? thats wad i heard lolx... does it hav the button prob? may i know where i can get the kof2k3 file for neoragex?
  14. hmmm super computer.. maybe i shld jus giv it a shot.. thnx~!
  15. hmmm, i was wondering if someone here could tell me where i can get a ps2 emulator? i hope this is allowed tho.. jus delete if is not.. but msg me privately tho.. i have a dvd player.. and i wish to play ps2 games..
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