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  1. I want to know how to do this, I have been trying to for so long I was just wondering how to do it if anyone knows. And I dont want to buy a dohickey to do it, I want to do it on my own.
  2. How long have you known about mugen? Myself I have known about it since the first version came out way back in 1999, boy did it come a long way.
  3. Well, I was given the impression that its open source from many places but whatever, I am gonna recode it and rename it so it will be my own, so the copyright Issues will not apply, and the fight maker wont be anything like this.
  4. Ya I remember using that mugen config, but I had learned how to do everything manually before I found it, then I decided it was quicker and used it lol.
  5. Hey man, you can get it right here, it says no limit patch, but its just the patched version of windows mugen, which fixed the limitation problem in the leaked version of winmugen. http://www.attic7.com/unofficial/No_limit_Winmugen_patch.zip
  6. Well me and my friends have begun to debate wheather or not we should get a team togeather and create a game like mugen for console. Xbox and PS2 being the number one choices because of the hard drive/online capabilities, and since mugen is now free source, we can develope our own console version. So what we plan on doing is sending a summary of our game to Microsoft and Sony and maybe a pc beta version of it to see what they think. If all goes well we will have a chance at the console version of (MUGEN) title will change because the name is copyrighted. So what do you all think?
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