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  1. How can I make my avi files smaller so they can fit onto 700mb blank Cd-Roms? The 3 avis size are 741 mb, 705mb, and 761 mb. I just want to cut the credits out, and that i dun want to compress it. Cause then my dvd player won't play it.

  2. I didn't ask to join any party, i just wanted someone to travel with me or to talk too. Everyone I met was very rude to me. The only thing I liked in FFXI was playing tetra master. Til I lost all my best cards because I was a moron and duel with a guy with higher exp than me.

  3. Well all the firewalls that i have had on my computer screw up some of my stuff, like online gaming, or using ares,kazza, shareaza. I just want to tjhem to work. So I am refusing to upgrade my sp til i figure out a way to get my stuff to work. I reformatted my com last night because i couldn't download.

    :banghead: DIE XP FIREWALL!!! ;)

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