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  1. Castlevania : Harmony Of Despair, despite said revues I enjoy this game, it gets more fun once you upgrade your gear and acquire new abilities for whichever character you use, I myself am rather fond of using Soma Cruz


    and oddly it has a really cool old school Castlevania feel to it in 6 player co-op


    although honestly, i couldn't imagine not playing this game on 1080p

  2. As much as I hate FFXIII currently, I will still get it in near future. Just not that willing to pay full price for it now :P



    thats a sentiment i can co-sign to also the fact that i use 360 and the game is visibly inferior to the ps3 version is sort of a turn off at the current moment

  3. Can't recall what i used. I just put the best materials ever on Shepard.


    And yes, i create male and female character too :D For female, you can see extra scene for some girl-girl actions (like the one where you meet the high-end escort)


    If this come to PS3, i will gladly purchase this game again :(



    "High-end escort" *HUGS* hahahaha!

  4. im soo hooked on this game, im currently on my New Game + and after that one i plan on playing it again as a female Biotic, Each time i always treat ashley like shit because she's not as hot as Liara (Alien snatch FTW!!!)


    once i have some spare cash again i totally plan on getting ME2!


    does anyone have any great weapon upgrade setups? so far my fav is the pistol with Frictionless Materials VIII+Kinetic Coil VII+Inferno Rounds IX, powerful shots, barely ever overheats, and that kick ass buffy/blade incineration effect once enemies die

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