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  1. ah... Thanks. How do i know which are the new set roms? I downloaded romcenter and it says Magical Drop 3 is correct. Is there another way to tell which is the new set? Curious as to what the reason is for the "new set"? I dont quite understand when roms are rereleased when they were already working before.
  2. Magical Drop 3 New set? Do you mean the new dats that are in the latest fbax.. or do you mean there is a new rom set of magical drop 3? Which version of FBAX did you use? I'm using the newest build that came out a few days ago... (using the special build) I havent tried it with the regular build though. Thanks for the response
  3. Hello world. This is my first post. I want to say that i've been lurking and reading... and the help and knowledge here from all you has been above any of the other forums i've read. So good work! Now my problem. I'm having a problem with Magical Drop 3 on FBAX. Romcenter says the rom is fine.I know it plays on FBA on the PC, but on FBAX, the graphics are scrambled. The music seems to play fine though. Any ideas? I'm running the FBAX Special xbe. Also Metal Slug 5... When i run it, all i end up with is some blue and white grid. I doesnt seem to enter the game at all, just some config screen. I also cant find a Mslug5n.zip that works at all. I've tried 3 i beleive hehe.
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