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  1. Hello all. I recently purchased a DC off ebay. To my unlucky surprise it is the NON-MIL Dreamcast (cannot read CD-R's without changing its layout to data/data?). So basically NO burned games work for me. I was reading a FAQ on megagames about the workaround to this, but I could not get it to work. I am a newbie at this, so a little help is appreciated 1. Download the cdrecord-tools, CDIRip, ISOFix, and Bin2Boot if you don't already have them. 2. Get the *.CDI file for the Utopia BootCD. 3. Extract the CDI, cdirip.exe, isofix, and bin2boot to a directory (ie, C:\JC_IS_COOL). 4. Open a DOS/Command Prompt in said directory. 5. Run the following commands: cdirip FILENAME.CDI /iso then do: isofix TData02.iso 11702 6. Extract the contents of the ISO using ISO Buster into a directory with the cdrecord-tools. 7. Move the "bootfile.bin" from the directory where you were working with CDIRip to the Directory you extracted the contents of the fixed ISO. 8. Make an ISO with the following command: mkisofs -C 0,0 -V "Utopia BootCD v1.1" -l -o BOOTCD.ISO DIR (where "DIR" is where you extracted your fixed ISO. Take the ISO that "mkisofs" produces and put it into the directory where you have Bin2Boot. 9. Run the following command: bin2boot BOOTCD.ISO /nohack 10. Burn image.cdi with DiscJuggler and enjoy it on your "copy-protected" Dreamcast. The problem I am having is step 9. When converting from cdi to iso, it asks for a IP.BIN file. Most people tell me to have it pointed at the 1ST_READ.BIN file. I've tried it, but it does not work. Any help concerning how to do this, or if there is already a non mil boot disk floating around the net would be appreciated
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