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  1. came across a piece of news- Lufthansa starting this contest called Salaam Bollywood..found the link- http://www.lhsalaambollywood.com/ i show off my bollywood knowledge, i get wings to fly (seems red bull's not the only one giving you that service now ) ..they're giving away return-trip tickets to India.
  2. Hi guys..glad to have found a bollywood forum here.. in my opinion, what's special about bollywood is that they come out funny and hilarious when they're least trying to be . You can go watch some random flick if you disagree, bollywood has several hundred such 'masterpieces' to prove this status of their's, and they keep churning out more to maintain it. But i'd be lying if i didn't say i like bollywood..i love watching their movies (the stupid ones included ). They're fun and never fail to cheer you up when you're feeling low. I wonder if any of you have watched this movie Sarfarosh..has Aamir Khan (my favorite bollywood actor). This movie rocks !..seriously..brilliantly made..i would strongly suggest this one to those who are unaware of bollywood's real power.. And yes, Akshay Kumar looks like a Tom Cruise ripoff..
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