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  1. Hi friends, i am asas10 and I would invite them to a game with our Clans. It could be next Saturday at 16 am (Brazil) and 4x4 members in each team in mode objective. Feel free to suggestions of days, hours and members of teams and settings from the server. Thanks.
  2. ive found this cd from maximum pc like from aug 2002 and tried nero 5.5 but cant use because it needs a serial number can any body give me a serial or something i dont really whant to pay aroung fifty dollars sa can anybody help me
  3. hi, i was wondering if anyone could possably help me, i have the emulator epsxe and the game dino crisis 2, when i get to the underwater part of the game the graphics all go wrong, ive been using Pete's DX6 D3D Driver 1.76 as my video plug in, is there a better one which would sort this problem?
  4. hey guys and girls (if any) well ne ways i was thinking of building my own computer with the help of some friends. well ne ways i was wondering what exactly what kinda stuff would i need to build it. i'm mostly gonna use it for games and internet. so yea if u can plz just tell me what i wpuld need THNX
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