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  1. awesome! i finally got the vba to work! now, next question... can i use the existing game files that i have on the computer to start new save files, or do i need to download new games? if so, where do you recommend i get them from
  2. welll i did what i was told (and what i thought i should do) and i keep getting a system error when i try to open th file. it says d3dx9_42.dll is missing from my computer... what do i do?? p.s. if i have any more problems im just giving up, but i appreciate your help
  3. fair enough ha. so next question then, since you appear to be willing to help... what do i do to open the file? it says that windows needs to know what program to open it.. (and yes, i know i am helpless at this stuff)
  4. any specific sites that you recommend getting vba-m from? and well i tried copying one of the files and editing it according to what the post told me, and it did nothing. so im utterly lost
  5. call me dumb, but i can not figure out how to create a new blank file... and i dont know where to find the readme file that supposedly describes how to do so... all i know how to do is edit an existing vba file with the notepad, which im assuming is not what i want to do... so how do i make a new file? and no its vba 1.8.0
  6. well in my options > emulator menu, there was a "automatic IPS patching" box checked... i assume i need to uncheck that?... id like to be able to create the vba-over.ini file that is described in the first post but i dont know exactly how to do it...if you could try to guide me thatd be awesome. cuz that post confuses me ha
  7. ha well ok. i appreciate your help anyway. another question though... with regard to post #4 in the link you sent me, how do i know if i have an ips patch? i got the files for the game from my friend so i pretty much have no idea about them..
  8. so then, there is no way to change the save type of my CURRENT FILE to the save type that the game desires so that it functions properly?
  9. after beating the elite four the game SHOULD auto save and then restart, putting you in the first stage of the game, but with everything you have already completed. i guess i want to know if there is a way to use the in-game save, or if there is a way to simulate the in-game save so that when it tries to auto-save, i can continue.
  10. ok that helped me a little bit... posts 1,4, and 9 seem to be the most relavent, however, i dont know what alot of it means haha. maybe you can help me to understand it. i dont really know what type of save file mine uses... i know when i do save it says "write state" while it is saving. basically can you help me figure out what i need to do exactly? im not exactly a computer-guy so i do apologize for my lack of knowledge
  11. hey guys, i know that theres tons of posts out there about this stuff, but i was wondering if there is actually a way to be able to continue after beating the elite four in leaf green (or any other pokemon game) for the VBA emulator. please let me know, and try to explain it simply, as i am simple minded
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