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  1. IT IS EITHER YOUR FIREWALL OR VIRUS PROTECTION PROGRAM BLOCKING WIN2DS!!! If you have already added the ports to windows firewall then it is your virus protection. I am using avast and I had the same "stuck on waiting problem". But you do not have to completely disable the virus protection. In avast all I did was go into firewall, then firewall settings and changed the setting "HOME/LOW RISK ZONE" to and it worked!! HOPE THIS HELPS!!
  2. Has anyone used DS Linux to tried to speed up Win2DS? I heard that the most speed you can get out of Win2DS in about 30kb/s. That's kind of slow but it's managable. I was thinking of using DSlinux, which is an actual operating system for the DS to get more speed. I've heard that using an actual operating system can speed up programs on the DS and I was just wondering. You guys should try it(because I don't have a DS, or a flashcard for that matter!).
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