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  1. Thanks for your answers I'm play dc games with NullDc too but I wish use codes for cheats. In NullDc I can't open action replay cdi.... So I tried wiith Chankast.... For example I try with "NullDCcheater" these codes: http://www.bucanero.com.ar/dreamcast/codes...l-3-nemesis/68/ but it doesn't works Other question my friend: How can I play disc 2 of Code Veronic ? The swap seems doesn't works fine.... Thank you very much for your time
  2. Hello evryone ! Great forum ! I have a problem with Chankast.... I mount the image of game on Daemon Tools (ver 3.29) Start the emu.... but it's blocked on "SEGA ecc" Thank you very much, I'm sorry fot my english
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