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  1. Um, sorry if it's been said before, I really did try to check the forums to see if there was a problem like this. It's probably eluding me. ; Although I did look at the sticky it seems to be for specific games >_> But I'll try looking some more after this Annnnyway, so I was playing the gba version of the urbz on visual boy advance. >_> Got decently far in it, saved at several points, and shut it down for the night. When I returned and turned on my comp and started it up, it's as if I never even had those saves in the 1st place. Which is incredibly depressing. D: Is there any possible way I can retrieve them, or at the very least, find out how to prevent it from happening again? edit: bleeh just looked down at a topic similar to mine with a READ THE STICKY reply, haha. I guess I will sort through 15 pages then. Sorry D:!
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