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  1. well every one that i've downloaded comes in a .rar file and when I try to extract what I need a message appears saying the data is corrupt and it can't extract it and i've tried redownloading them and trying different websites but that message keeps appearing, its as though everything is trying to stop me from playing this game
  2. It won't load the .ccd file and yeah Final Fantasy is good, i've wanted to play it for a long time and when i finally got the chance, this error appears.
  3. I made the cue file, but the same error appeared including the cuebin message I would show you a screenshot if I could This game isn't worth all this hassle
  4. Okay sorry about this, but how exactly would i make my own .cue file? put that code in notepad and save it as .cue? and "Disc 2.IMG" with out quotation marks?
  5. I added .IMG to the files and i got this message: cuebin: No .cue file found! Will attempt to guess format assuming single track cuebin: Seems to be MODE2/2352 iso9660: incorrect header and got then the game just stuck where it always does. the cuebin message usually appears when I play disk 1 and works fine.
  6. Okay, I checked to make sure there weren't any hidden files and I found nothing. So I don't have any extension files. Yeah I realised ccd images don't do anything seeing as they are less than 1kb I'll have a chat with my friend at college tomorrow and see if he will let me borrow the game, or see if there are any files he forgot to give me. Thanks for the help/advice.
  7. All I have is "Disk 1 iso image" and "Disk 1.ccd" and so on for all 4 disks. I'll try and get my hands on a copy of the game
  8. The very same iso's work on his emulator though, thats what I don't understand if they work on his laptop, why not mine? Could tranferring them from his laptop to mine somehow effect the iso images?
  9. I've tried both emulators and neither of them work ePSXe after loading iso gets stuck on a black screen and pSX V1.13 just gets stuck after the sony logo, playstation appears on a black screen with sony in blue at the top of the screen.
  10. psX V1.13 to load games, i boot to emulator and then i click file, insert cd image and thats it I select the disc and then the error message then appears
  11. Right, my friend owns the game and he converted them to iso images himself all of his work fine, he transfered them to my laptop using a USB stick We compared our settings and they're exactly the same, I even got the emulator off him because the one i had wasn't working at all. I told him the problem I was having and we tried deleting the iso images that I had and transferring them from his laptop again, but no luck. So erm, no game, no luck unfortunately and sorry about the mugen thing, i just followed the links from emulator and to ice man, yes the emulator is ePSXe
  12. I'm using the PSX emulator, I got it just to play Final Fantasy VIII, disc 1 works fine, but the rest don't when I try to load them up I get this message "iso9660: incorrect header" I've looked online for solutions but nothings really helped (that and i cant read spanish) The files are iso images, I really don't know whats gone wrong, my friend has exactly the same files and his works fine, so could anyone help me out?
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