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  1. what do u mean by adding memory. does it mean adding ram?.....is the4re a way to play the first street fighter?
  2. im trying to play street fighter. i got it working with the vm.txt, but its still very slow. Also...is there a way to get street fighter the movie game to run properly?
  3. is there a way to get those games that say out of memory to work on mameox???
  4. so fbax suports all those 70mb files??? whenever i try them, they dont work properly. could it be my x box? or just doing somthing wrong along the way
  5. does anyone know what romsets fbax suports. whenever i try a rom thats like 70mb or so, it loads but then it wont run properly, can someone help me?
  6. no thats not the problem, i can get the usa one, i mean the cheats pick the bosses in the game dont work, but the cheat datab ase....i dont know if i can even use it because i use fbax to play my games
  7. but is there hacks available at all for the cps1/2 roms liek the neo geo ones?
  8. yes i am using fbax, im looking for any cheat file or somthing to hack, like in neo geo if its even possible...most og the cheats wont even work because i have mostly euro roms and when i try to do them it wont work. the usa roms for alpha series are hard to find
  9. im just trying to get the bosses in alpha 3, a without entering the cheat, and the final bosses, if possible. and akuma in super street fighter 2 turbo
  10. is ther any boss hacks for super street fighter 2 turbo, alpha 1-3 and any other street fighters?
  11. well kof 2003 works for me tho, its a version with pmame something i dont know, all the other roms i dont know hoe to get to work tho, or i cant find the correct one
  12. , does anyone know how to play, mslug5, garou, mslug3, kof 98, 99, 2000 on fbax. if so what are the files suposed to be named and where can i find them?
  13. what other titles were released on this arcade system
  14. how would one use debug or uni bios to unlock the bosses?
  15. so theres no way to ghet the kof bosses on fbaxghost?
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