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  1. When I start a game in nulldc in windowed mode and then maximize it there is an interlacing like blur effect. It works well with 2d games. Is there any way to enable this effect in fullscreen mode?
  2. I am using the 1.6 beta version. I downloaded the 1.0.3 final release and tested it with the games I wasn't able to run in 1.6 beta. They all failed to run in 1.0.3 as well. Since every game that does work with the beta works in a satisfactory manner I see no reason to use the final release. All that stuff with xmapper seems to be a tedious deal I would like to avoid.
  3. I can't seem to find a way to unbind the control selections I have made without choosing a key to take it's place. I am using a usb gamepad that only has a single digital pad. I would like to be able to set it to be the analog stick for some games, and the d-pad for other. I seem to now be stuck with the usb controller's d-pad being mapped as both the analog and digital stick at the same time. That works fine for some games that use the d-pad as a mirror for the analog stick, but for games that use the analog stick and d-pad for independent actions the current setup is unworkable. Any advice?
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