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  1. Well it's easy to dump it, but how can i be able to play the game after i dump it, considering non mame alternatives as well. It would really be nice to have some kind of info on this topic, maybe we would get more arcade games added to the collection as opposed to waiting for some people to add it 2 years from now.
  2. Basically Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 has corruption as we all know. I have managed to find an arcade machine and would like to dump 1.0/1.1/1.2 straight from the pcb with a eprom burner and then the question is how do i convert it properly.
  3. Basically i would like to know how it can be possible to take a arcade game's pcb and convert it to a ROM file to be able to play on mame. I would like to use a EEPROM Burner to copy the complete data of the pcb board but the question is how do i convert it into ROM format. I understand games that haven't been added to mame's database might not be playable but i am also talking about games that could have different revisions and still could be playable via a simple file rename. Would like to just know how to convert them to roms. Would apperciate if some information or direction to the tools that would be needed to make such a thing possible.
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