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  1. Thanks for the tips, I DLed some other .cdi files and it is working properly, really would love to know how to make use of the .bin game files. Is there a page you know of that would explain this??
  2. I have a program called boot2bin (included in a torrent) that is suppose to turn .bin files into bootable .cdi files but for some reason the program wont work. Have you heard of this program??? If so do you know where I can DL another copy as this one seems to not be working.
  3. Thanks for the tip I have upgraded but unfortunately get the same error message. I just DLed a few more different copies of Zombie Revenge one has .ccd image files the other .bin and .cue. Can you tell me how to create an image file that nullDC can read from these files or point me to a thread that lays it out for me. I have been looking around and everything I can find tells how to burn to cd but not how to create a valid format on your HDD that nulldc can read. Thank you for your patience
  4. The .cdi power stone was DLed as a complete .cdi no winrar needed to reassemble. The other games I have had to use winrar to reassemble but the process works giving me a .cdi file. I really dont think winrar would reassemble something with errors without telling you, However at this point that seems to be the only thing that is different between the games. Is it possible winrar is not working properly??
  5. nulldc version 1.6b windows XP I just tried to load with chankast but it just goes to the disc screen
  6. So I decided to try Urban chaos out. Once the sega screen comes on it freezes a few seconds later with a console error message of: Write to system control Registry not implemented address+ 5f74e4 data 1fffff or can not implement opcode: 38: 1dt1lb I am very confused as to why Power Stone works properly but none of the other games do. Is there something in nulldc I have to switch??? I have been trying to figure out what the causes could be for over a week now and I am at my wits end. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Now that I finally converted zombie revenge into a .cdi file when I put the game in after I put in the boot disc it acts like it wants to start, shows a picture of the disc with a zombie revenge picture but the game never starts. The console repeats this message over and over: Error in .\dc mem\sh4\_area0.ccp:WriteMem_area0:169 write to [mpx system boot/rom] is not possible, addr=0, data=0, size=1 Was hoping some one could point me in the right direction thanks
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