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  1. i think some are in the xtra's genesis torrent somewhere's on the the interweb... i could be wrong though.


    HI TristanX, I grabbed them from the Xtras pack but its only roms


    Try the Ressurection Xtras 1.0 (Direct Download Links) section over at emuxtras , There in the genesis pack


    Hi trev1976,


    Sega CD is in white and cannot be accessed so i dont think they are there :D


    I have all the FLV's from my Emumovies account so ill have to convet them i guess...


    Does anyone know if can you batch convert in windows media coverter and what to do???

    i have to do them 1by1 picking the options again and again


    The Sega CD games are in white, because the links are collapse below.


    What you want is


    Movies - Part 1 (999 MB)

    Movies - Part 2 (999 MB)

    Movies - Part 3 (999 MB)

    Movies - Part 4 (999 MB)

    Movies - Part 5 (758.2 MB)


    Those contain Sega CD, Genesis, and 32X

  2. Now, I have just learned it has no usable parts (not even a fuse), so there was no point ever getting it.



    You could have salvaged the RAM chips and sold them for around $30 actually. If you're handy with a hot air gun, or de-soldering wick to remove them from the mother board; RAM chips are always a hot ticket item because the Xbox has 4 blank spots for RAM on the early mother boards, and these chips can be soldered in to increase the memory.


    Also, if your good with striping paint off things in a decent way, your could of stripped the green paint off the Xbox jewel and sold it as a clear jewel, or painted it a new color, for $20. People always want that kind of stuff for their custom cases.

  3. untietheclans.jpg


    Haha what a joke. Waal spent all his time here abusing other members and rubbishing 1emu, then when I silenced him, he started abusing me via PM, so I stopped that. Then, from the reports I received, he setup his own forum and continued the rant.


    So, whatever he says, just trash it, put him on Block if necessary. Let me know if he PM's anyone else.


    His reason for wanting the XBOX forum shut down is so he can steal our xbox-owning members. While we have the forum we are a thorn in his side.


    Continue on please.


    @Robert - If you're talking about the Xtras site - Waal is not an owner, nor an Admin and the site has actually been active since late 2008, and the forum since March 2010, way before the drama started over here, or at least well before it got out of hand. We as a site, and I think even Waal would agree, have always been of the mind set that the Xbox community is just that, a community. We don't see any competition; in such a niche group we most likely share 90% of our users with any Xbox1 site, or site with a heavy Xbox1 presence. As far as I'm concerned, the more Xbox sites the better. If there are 100 sites with an Xbox section it tells me there is still a healthy interest, and that's a good thing when it comes to emulation on the Xbox, and Xbox homebrew in general. It's silly to imply "stealing" of members as I think if a site has something worth coming back to, people will come.




    Back on topic - I am against the shutting down of the Xbox section. I think it may be a small group, but a big enough one to have a dedicated home. There are still new releases fairly often, and people often run into problems setting up emulators, new hard drives, etc.


    I think that, for Xbox anyway, the problems there were due to a lack of consistent moderator presence. A moderator should be chosen who frequents that forum, rather than deleting the forum all together. That would most likely shape the place up. Prican25 seems to be the designated moderator, yet he hasn't logged in since September 2010.


    Unless you were simply talking about sizing down the forum options, in which case I would maybe think about dividing the forums into gaming generations. Then on the main forum list it would be all the gaming generations, with the related system specific sub-forums inside. Though, I don't think the current set up is so bad.

  4. Sometimes I just don't understand people. CoinOPS and everything surrounding it was a stain on this site's good name. We finally get to a point where it's been removed and were in a position to start to repair some of that damage and everybody starts picking a fight with the admins. What was the point? What did you hope to accomplish with this??


    All you've done is create the admin bias you were shouting about in the first place and deservedly so. :)



    I don't think anyone was picking a fight... I personally just thought it was odd that when someone posted a link to our site in a positive light, the link is removed and we all get a warning about the rules of the site, yet BP mocks our site and posts a full URL and the URL remains and no reminder of the rules for him...


    like here, for one example, though there are many..... pretty much he posts a lot in a "I'll give you guys tons of traffic by posting your link" kind of way.... which if were true it breaks the rules here even more by not only posting a url to a forum, but encouraging people to go there instead.





    That being said, your right..... and I'm done commenting on it.

  5. for some reason the rule refers to forums in particular, because (it seems) they could be seen as competition. Blogs and other sites can be linked to, as long as they don't link to things we'd rather not know about, or they rubbish this site.



    He has stated that is exactly what he means to do, compete. Many times saying this site will be a ghost town once he gets the blog running and all that


    In fact, this entire post (to me) seems to bash 1emu




    This in particular (in case he edits it out)


    "I get the feeling 1emulation for xbox will at best be a news site now and there are so many of them....no one I know of that comes here does anything except tells you news of tiny releases...and actually cant fix or improve anything...Hope this changes and it grows again and skilled people re enter...its unlikely and it will proably just turn into a news and debate forum" -BP


    Admins and staff are supposed to set an example so others follow it... if you set a bad example as BP has on so many occasions its inevitable you will get a hostile forum like this one. Fix the top and it will trickle to the bottom.

  6. 1emu doesn't regulate the views at all. You can click a topic really fast 100 times and it registers as 100 new views. I very highly doubt your numbers here are accurate. It's just odd that 99% of the users on this site don't come to the Xbox section, yet your threads gets more views than anything else.


    I also know for a fact that on emuxtras CoinOPS did not go from 9 downloads to 200 downloads in 18 hours. Nice try but I know you or one of your friends just kept downloading it over and over because you have no life. and while we're on the topic CoinOPS doesn't "own" on our site... if you read the CoinOPS EPIC R9 thread its mostly all people who dislike you or the way you run your project speaking on their frustration... unless you think even BAD attention is good attention... then I guess you do own.


    Ignorance is bliss though isn't it?


    I'll answer for you to save you the time of typing stuff that makes no sense....


    BP - "I like the way things are going now, people voted and this is how it is, even if the people who voted were fake accounts I created... until the misinformation stops, misinformation will remain the largest word I know although I don't know its meaning because I misuse it all the time. Its so sad how the Xtras people come here and cry, you can cry all you want to I will not be stopped. You are all young children, I am old and know what I'm talking about, I mean I used to make skins for XBMC back in the day, but the Dev team doesn't know who I am because that pesky Neobomb emailed them and asked and they said I was just a member on their forum... what a bunch of misinformation!!!... even though I am quite old and wise I still use words like "newb, newbie, newbez, and so on..... don't forget, MISINFORMATION! "

  7. CoinOPS raped wasnt on your site...do a google search...your site is long since failed...that one gets real downloads of 1000s in days normally hence they got the locks...your site is hot air hench its just a down the road lock....your version is 20 versions ago about....dont worry its basically the same stick with it....newbe again...you guys have no ideas although your vocal your site hardly registers


    1000's a day ... or 3000 total in months.... either one. But the latter is more factual. Maybe you didn't actual do the google search you recommended? Also we host your last build... which last time I checked 1 != 20


    You've lived your whole life afraid of misinformation, and now you spew it left and right ... funny


    .....I know, we are sad, don't get hits or stars, dying, you're the best, we suck, the locks stay... misinformation.


    and "newbe"?? What are you 14? I didn't realize, I will try to watch my language and what not with you in the future. I don't want to corrupt one of the worlds brightest young minds.

  8. I only recommend you don't remove the consoles and it would effect your future....as per lock 4....I said remove what you want etc...as you need to remove 1000 plus games for it not to work....worked it out lol....if I wanted to lock you guys out it would be easy as....remember I can write to bios....check saves...check crc...encrypt xbes.....remove files....change files....format drives......it was only to stop the raped build as they got alot of downloads and caused me support issues....


    Very ignorant of you, as usual, since you obviously never downloaded it to check and are now spreading misinformation yourself. There was never a raped version made, or put up for download on our site. The CoinOPS EPIC R9 that we have hosted in our downloads section is the build you released, there is nothing missing from it or edited.... so if there were support issues it was due to there being actual issues, not some "raped version issues".


    Pretty much what happened was Bigby, by himself, as we are all individuals shockingly enough, said something to you about taking out console stuff... and in your warped mind where you believe anyone who says something you don't like is "Team Xtras" (which doesn't exist by the way) took that as we were trying to release versions of CoinOPS with console stuff removed, which was never the case.


    Talking to you is truly the definition of insanity because no matter what anyone says you spit out the same responses over and over and over....


    let me sum up everything you say,


    "I have all games running full speed with sound in private build for me and friends.... not releasing it until misinformation stops. Xtras team is so sad really, all the places they go die and my threads kill in the hits and stars!! Its all about hits and stars!!! I know who rates my threads 1 star and its so sad really. They try to stop me but they can't stop me... maybe because no one is trying to stop me but either way they wont stop me, I will just keep doing what I do and moving forward. New skin color for CoinOPS 2 EPIC R1 Showroom Showcase Version 4????? Maybe if misinformation stops but until then its in private build for me and my friends. My "girlfriend" keeps telling me how great CoinOPS is and just how easy it is to use and how its way better than Xport/Madmab emus, blah blah blah blah misinformation blah blah blah Team Xtras ... You all know why things are the way they are, and the locks stay until the misinformation stops... go ahead and try to enjoy CoinOPS the way you want and it will mess up over time because I would rather mess up peoples Xbox's than have then use more than one emulator!!! .... I mean if they use anything other then CoinOPS then my hits on my threads and stars could be effected!!!! blah blah blah misinformation"

  9. I dont give a rats arse about you hosting it...if it has misinformation as it does at present....the lock remain...and will effect most of your users....and be targeted that way


    Yeah, it will be hosted with the newest version, like you asked ... and will be updated regularly as you update the builds, also like you asked. So to answer your earlier question its Yes we will host the newest versions

  10. I want people to experience a true build without mininformation this is why the locks will be on to stop this happening...most normal users I see on Youtube will have no issue and wont even know it is there.....


    hey PS who will the first youtube video be with new skin...ill be able to tell


    also what do people think of it holding previews till the list stops etc and smoothness of the new list scrolling stuff? what about the skin changes?? more color??? want color choices??



    EmuXtras will now hosts the most current build of CoinOPS Epic R9.... when you release a new version we will update the download. If you stop development then obviously we wont host any new builds. So to answer your question, YES we will host the latest build for you


    So I guess that clears everything up then?

  11. rubbish you should just direct them to here if you dont know....




    aparently the locks can be got around so dont worry


    I really don't know what locking anything has to do with any of this or why that matters?


    But like I said, if someone doesn't want to use CoinOPS for console games they can simply not add any Roms for console games......issue solved

  12. I don't know how this got to be on the topic of locking anything... if you don't want to use the other console emulators you can just not add any other console games... as far as I can tell anyway.


    Also, I never said you didn't add any new features to CoinOPS since R5, I just said I wasn't 100% sure and openly asked if someone else could weigh in on the topic, which Bigby did from what I can tell with his post of all your feature adds.



    You guys always turn everything into a fight for some reason on this site.....

  13. after the first platform no more enemies would appear for me... then at the end I jumped off the edge and got stuck in a constant loop of falling from the sky :) Seems the first level was all that was done, unless I just didn't know what I was doing (which is possible) lol


    Looks like it would have been a cool game though, the character animations are really nice.

  14. I realized that it works much better just to look at what WAD is being used, then download it on the internet and upload it to the xbox. Instead of waiting for it to download through the server.



    yeah, the server can be a bit slow :)

  15. Awesome. This is far better than any doom player for the xbox. I had a question about playing online. I try to connect to a server, and it takes forever. It says it is downloading the wad, but when it is done it launches Doom II the single player game. Is there something I need to do differently? Thanks!



    Hey. Thats weird. You can ask Hyper_EYE HERE


    I don't the ins and outs of it myself, he just isn't a member here so I thought I would post the release announcement.

  16. Wonder if the Total Conversion version of Doom \ Goldeneye would work...


    Everyone loves Goldeneye... Right?


    anywho nice post



    You can ask Hyper_eye HERE


    I know that it is miles ahead of Doom-x and the like, as far as compatibility.... and he has stated that the future builds will support Hexen wads as well

  17. Odamex is a modification of DOOM to allow players to compete with each other

    over the Internet using the client/server architecture in classic death match, CO-OP, exc . Odamex also provides

    a feature-rich single-player engine.


    You can download Odamex for Xbox HERE but you have to join the forum to gain access to the download area


    If you want to thank someone dont thank me, thank Hyper_Eye HERE :)



    The Read Me



    Odamex v0.5.0 for Xbox


    Authored by:

    Michael "Hyper_Eye" Wood

    Revision date: September 12th, 2010



    Table of contents:

    1. Introduction

    1.1 What is Odamex?

    1.2 Xbox Features at a Glance


    2. Installation

    2.1 Requirements

    2.2 Installation - binary download

    2.3 Installation - source download


    3. Xbox Controls

    3.1 Launcher

    3.2 Game Client


    4. Issues

    4.1 TODO

    4.2 Known Issues

    4.3 Bug Reporting


    5. Frequently Asked Questions


    6. Acknowledgements




    Section 1: Introduction


    1.1 What is Odamex?


    Odamex is a modification of DOOM to allow players to compete with each other

    over the Internet using the client/server architecture. Odamex also provides

    a feature-rich single-player engine.


    Please see the general README provided with Odamex for a thorough description

    of Odamex and its features.


    1.2 Xbox Features at a Glance


    * Supports all online game modes and features that are available on other


    * Game launcher with server browser and solo launcher with wad selector

    * Multiple wad search paths can be configured

    * Complete analog Xbox controller support with configurable axis assignments,

    turn sensitivity, optional freelook, and configurable button bindings

    * Support for USB mouse and keyboard

    * Saved games and configuration files are stored in UDATA and TDATA paths so

    they integrate properly with the official memory manager as well as

    homebrew dashboards complete with icons

    * Saved games can be deleted using the memory manager

    * Saved games can be copied to and from a memory card

    * Vanilla 320x200 resolution, multiple SDTV resolutions including 480i, and

    HDTV resolutions up to 720p are supported




    Section 2. Installation


    2.1 - Requirements


    Odamex requires a modded Xbox in order to operate.


    2.2 - Installation - binary download


    Binary downloads of Odamex are not available from odamex.net or any site

    associated with The Odamex Team. Because Odamex is built with the official

    XDK binary builds cannot be provided.


    2.3 - Installation - source download


    If you are interested in the bleeding edge development of Odamex, you can

    access the SVN at http://odamex.net/svn/root with anonymous read access. Be

    warned however that it might be incompatible with current release versions,

    and stability is not guaranteed.


    The following libraries are required:


    * SDLx (http://svn.huntsvegas.org/wsvn/SDLx)


    Additionally the launcher also requires SDLx and the following libraries:


    * pthreads-Xbox (http://svn.huntsvegas.org/wsvn/pthreads-xbox)

    * Agar (http://www.libagar.org)


    Building the Odamex and AG-Odalaunch source for Xbox requries the use of the

    Microsoft Xbox Software Development kit (a.k.a XDK). You must be a Microsoft

    approved Xbox developer to gain access to the required software.




    Section 3: Xbox Controls


    3.1 - Launcher


    Left Analog Stick - Move Cursor

    Left/Right Trigger - Increment/Decrement list selection by 10

    D-Pad Up/Down - Increment/Decrement list selection by 1

    Left/Right Trigger (Held) - Scroll list selection

    D-Pad up/Down (Held) - Scroll list selection

    D-Pad Left/Right - Cycle focused widget/button

    A Button - Activate cursor selection

    B Button - Activate focused widget/button


    3.2 - Game Client


    The D-Pad is used to navigate the game menus while A activates

    items within the menu and B returns to the previous menu.


    When the console is down the left and right triggers scroll.


    Default Controller Binding:


    Left Analog Stick X Axis - Step left/right

    Left Analog Stick Y Axis - Move forward/backward

    Right Analog Stick X Axis - Turn Left/Right

    Right Analog Stick Y Axis - Look Up/Down (Freelook disabled by default)

    D-Pad Up - Move Forward

    D-Pad Down - Move Backward

    D-Pad Left - Turn Left

    D-Pad Right - Turn Right

    Left Trigger - Walk/Run

    Right Trigger - Attack/Fire Weapon

    A Button - Activate

    X Button - Strafe

    B Button - Next Weapon

    Y Button - Previous Weapon

    White Button - Scoreboard

    Black Button - Toggle Automap

    Start Button - Menu (Not Configurable)

    Back Button - Toggle Console




    Section 4: Issues


    4.1 - TODO


    * Virtual (On-Screen) Keyboard

    * Configurable overscan in launcher

    * Rumble

    * Use a DVD as a wad source

    * Further optimization (Improve 720p performance)


    4.2 - Known Issues


    * The game currently cannot be launched from a DVD. This is hampered by a bug

    that is very difficult to debug.

    * Controller events are not received in the launcher while the master list is

    being queried or a complete server list refresh is taking place. Joystick

    events are disabled during these tasks because of a mutex issue or race

    condition that results in a freeze before processing the final queried

    server. The cursor can be moved with a mouse during these tasks.

    * The "Query Master On Start" launcher option does not work. It might be that

    the Xbox network controller takes a little longer to initialize but I

    don't really know at this point.

    * You must hit A inside the main launcher window before you can use B to

    activate a focused widget. This is due to a window focus issue.

    * The version of SDLx used with Odamex supports 1080i but 1080i has been

    disabled in the library as it is not currently usable in Odamex. Selecting

    1080i results in unplayable framerate and likely a crash when the system

    runs out of memory.

    * SDLx reports all 4 joystick ports as active regardless of whether or not a

    joystick is plugged in. If the active joystick selection is changed to a

    port that does not have a joystick plugged in control may be lost and a

    reboot is required or the selection must be changed with a keyboard.


    4.3 - Bug Reporting


    Please report any bugs you find at http://www.odamex.net/bugs

    Your bug submissions help us make Odamex better. Thank you!




    Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions


    Q. How do I communicate with other players?

    A. At this time communication requires the use of a USB keyboard. A virtual

    keyboard is a planned feature that will make it possible to communicate

    with the gamepad.


    Q. How do I change my player name without a keyboard?

    A. You will need to manually change the setting for your player name in

    your odamex.cfg file. To do this perform the following steps:


    1) Launch the Odamex game client from the launcher (a solo game is fine)

    2) Quit Odamex using the game menus (turning off the power without

    quitting will discard configuration changes.)

    3) Quit the launcher and return to your dashboard.

    4) FTP into the machine or use another method of accessing the file system.

    5) Copy E:\TDATA\4f444d58\odamex.cfg to your computer.

    6) Open odamex.cfg in an editor.

    7) Find the "cl_name" option and change the name to your desired handle.

    8 ) Save the file.

    9) Copy odamex.cfg back to E:\TDATA\4f444d58\odamex.cfg


    Q. What is required to use a keyboard and/or mouse?

    A. A simple USB-to-Xbox adapter will work. These can be easily obtained

    from online stores and auction sites for little cost. A device with a

    cable modified to use an Xbox safety release cable will also work.


    Q. Is it safe to try all the resolutions listed in the resolution list?

    A. SDLx scales all resolutions to 640x480 except for 720x480 and 1280x720.

    Only resolutions that are supported by the AV pack and system settings

    are shown.


    Q. I have a widescreen television but the 720x480 options isn't available?

    A. In your Xbox system video settings select "Wide Screen" or "Letterbox".


    Q. I have an HDTV and the HDTV AV Pack but the 1280x720 (720p) option isn't


    A. In your Xbox system video settings enable the 720p HDTV resolution.




    Section 6: Acknowledgements


    This port would not be possible without the contributions and assistance of

    many people. The following especially deserve to be mentioned.


    * Undead of Team Assembly - Undead donated 2 Xbox debug kits that proved

    to be instrumental in the development of the libraries that Odamex

    depends on as well as Odamex itself. HUGE thanks to him for his

    kind donation!


    * Vedge of Hypertriton, Inc. (Developer of Agar) - Agar is a critical

    piece that serves as the cross-platform GUI toolkit behind AG-Odalaunch.

    Vedge provided assistance and knowledge as well as bug fixes and feature

    enhancements that directly benefited the Xbox and the development of

    AG-Odalaunch. He also trusted me with commit access so that I could

    more efficiently get code changes into Agar. Thanks for not getting

    annoyed while I flooded the channel with my thoughts, inquiries, and

    general ramblings.


    * Sirlemonhead - Sirlemonhead helped get me set up for development and I

    e-mailed him with questions and ideas on many occasions. Also, he made

    the AvP port and nobody can thank him enough for that.


    * weinerschnitzel - Provided testing and feedback throughout development.


    * ldotsfan - Bouncing Xbox development tricks back and forth with him has

    been both an enjoyable and educational experience and I look forward

    to more of the same.


    * Likklebaer - Thanks for your role in Doom-X and for sharing your experience.


    * To all those at Xbox-Scene that have provided interest, suggestions, and

    great encouragement. I hope you guys love playing this port as much as I

    enjoy working on it - Clockface, Cheema201, guybird, ultimate509, neil222,

    moonmaster1, lawdawg0931, Mega Man (?), flux2k, Pulsemasta, rubarb, Koooi,

    Finker282, Rygrass, trrobin, |11|1VeNoM1|11|, XTecuterX73


    * Special thanks to the faithful Odamex bug testers and patch contributers who

    put up with our crap on a daily basis because they believe in Odamex and

    the philosophies behind it - Spleen, Ladna, HeX9101, tm512, GhostlyDeath,

    and a hat tip to blzut3


    * To anyone I missed and all the developers in the Xbox development scene that

    released source and made it possible to work on the system without being

    completely lost. The Xbox Linux guys, XBMC devs, Arnova and the rest of the

    XBMC4Xbox devs, XPort, madmab, Team Assembly, RessurectionXtras, Team Evox,

    MXM devs, everyone who has contributed to openxdk, and all the rest.


    * Finally, all the members of the Odamex development team. Working with you

    guys is great. I appreciate the maturity, intelligence, and dedication each

    of you has brought to the team. It is the level-headedness and respect that

    everyone working on this project maintains that will see Odamex succeed as

    a great open-source project and Doom source port - Manc, Russell, Ralphis,

    Denis, and NES

  18. I think they should remove the "pay to access" section.... but there is nothing wrong with having a donate button. If people are fans of your project they will in most cases donate if things like server costs need to be paid. Mostly all private trackers have donate buttons. A lot of emulator coders have donate buttons on their site. Authors of various homebrew games have donate sections.. But they are essentially selling MUGEN builds that are superior to what is available for free so that's wrong.... and probably illegal for several reasons. If they are selling full working builds they are selling not only MUGEN but also Linux which is used to play MUGEN... then not to mention copywritten characters within the games.


    But I'm not going to do anything about it lol .... don't want the bad Karma to come back on me.

  19. Hey Guys,


    How hot is your Trusty box running? Mine is super hot. About 180 degrees F IDLE, which is crazy. Any suggestions as to how hot is should be and how to keep it cool?



    mine was about that hot too. and yes it is crazy. first i changed the thermal compound to arctic silver 5. -10 degrees to 170. then i put some fans from a ram cooler on the heatsink.


    those were the ones i used. modified them a bit and with a few zipties, got them nicely in place. two of the three fans blow straight down onto the heatsink, and the third is at the front side blowing toward the back of the case to my main case fan. down to 120 degrees now. much better. and those fans are nearly silent. also, it may be a good idea to get a copper heatsink instead of the aluminum one he gives you. of you can find one that will fit with a reasonable amount of effort to modify, let me know.

    good luck!



    Does turning the speed of the main case fan up help at all? or are extra fans a necessity?

  20. snes9xbox - v1 [13-Nov-07]


    Only version xport ever released and unlike most xport emulators it was incomplete lacking a skin and it had a problem with the filters. I believe madmab fixed this but have no idea if it has been released. From memory I think BP told me he also fixed this issue for the core running in coinops. I am pretty sure resx has Star Fox 2 working in xport's core you might want to check his compatibility list about the other games and this core. His test were with both the zsnes and xport cores. Since coinops is using this exact core the results should be the same.


    Here is its read me


    SNES9XBox Super Nintendo Emulator for XBox v1







    - Excellent compatibility - ported from SNES9X v1.43


    - All the usual XPort features ( ZIP support, save states, rewind, autofire,

    cheat codes, fast forward, graphic filters, etc, etc.)


    - If you leave rewind on it will crash after a few minutes.

    Best to just turn it on when you need it.






    Yes, I know I said I'd never release a SNES port - and I never really intended to do so.

    This has been sitting around for a long time, though, and I have been keeping it

    updated with the changes to the UI feature set (rewinding, rumble, slowdown, etc)

    because the SNES gets a lot of playtime in the house here. I figure that since all

    the source is now available, it would only be a matter of time before someone wrapped

    my core around a port of SNES9X - so I'm saving them some time.


    There is still a lot that needs to be done with this port like lightgun support, PAR,

    loading of external data files for certain games, SNES mouse support, fixing up

    the rewinding, and some other stuff that I don't recall right now. There is also

    no skin for it. These are all things that are left for someone else to implement.




    Stella, Gnuboy, SMSPlus, FCEUltra, HUGO, NeoPop, DGen, Bochs, HUGO-CD,

    FMSXBox, Bliss, WinSTon, Gens, Z26X, StepmaniaX, PCSXBox, XBoyAdvance,

    DOSXBox, AtariXLBox, MirrorMagicX, KoboX, MaelstromX, MarblesX, Vice64X,

    Vice20X, VicePETX, KegsX, XPired, AdamX, WonderSwanX, BeatsOfRageX,

    PowermangaX, LynxBox, BlueMSXBox, GladiatorX, AmphetamineX, StarfighterX,

    PachiX, BlobWarsX, OdysseyX, ArnoldX, X68000X, WinUAEX, MekaX,

    MednafenX-NES, MednafenX-PCE, MednafenX-Lynx, AbuseX, NJamX, XHeroes,

    PokemonMiniX, Classic99X, SoftVMUX, VirtualBoyX, SuperVisionX, Chip8X,

    Atari7800X, DidntXSpectrum, CaveStoryX, SNES9XBox


    What's next?




    Star Fox 2 doesn't work in Xports emulator. The only SNES emulator I know of that plays it is ZSNEXbox.

  21. Woaw, excelent :)

    3 skins in some days ... continue like that lol




    I actually made them about a week or so ago, I put them up on Xbox-Scene then thought to put them up here too.


    I was going to put them on Xbox-Skins.net but they have a 4MB upload limit and my skins weigh in at a bit more than that because of the background music.

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