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  1. Have you been able to get the DS connected to the router for playing normal games?
  2. froggy


    bump. For some reason this simply will not work with mame. It doesn't make any sense...
  3. Sypherce, many thanks for this wonderful piece of software. It's very simple to set up and works perfectly. Again, thank you. I notice you were advising someone suffering from a bit of lag that he should go nearer to his router. I myself experienced an extremely small lag every 3 minutes or so. After taking your advice and putting the computer (and the ds) nearer to the router, this lag seemed to go. Unfortunately, I do not want to move into the living room and the router is kind of stuck there. Initially, I had assumed this lag was either a bug that needed ironing out in your program, or a limitation of the DS's wireless capability. I had also imagined that the ds was just going directly to my wireless dongle going into my PC. Is there any way to actually get it to do this? After all, you can go direct to a PC with the official Nintendo DS dongle...
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