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  1. What weird is I get a different HD password when I use LiveInfo in windows to check the hard drive, Its different than what I get in the XBOXHDM program? normal?
  2. Yes, If I select "lockhd -p password" it still saya aborting
  3. Okay here is the error I keep getting when I try to lock my HD. I get the same error when I try and lock my original xbox hard drive as well. So I know it's not the hard drives, has to be something else???????
  4. If is some how burned the ISO or placed the wrong files in the ISO, would that make it so im unable to lock the HD?
  5. TSOP Flash????? Oh no, I'm just going to get even more lost. I'm going to try a few of the suggestion above. I'll post my results soon.
  6. Yes thats what I did to the T, But will the eeprom not let the xboxhdm program lock up the hard drives? Almost seems like the program is causing all my issues. atleast I did backup up all the original eeprom info to my PC. Im wondering is the Iso I made is bad, and thats why it's not letting me lock up any drive at all. What about cloning another soft modded xbox drive with my bad drive? Are there any other hard drive locking programs other than xboxhdm.
  7. Right, Thank you guys for all your help! I'm following all the steps in XboxHdm 1.9 to the T, and the part I keep getting stuck on is the (lock HD) area. No matter what I do it will not let me lock the hard drive. Just for shits-n-giggles I reformatted my stock 8GB xbox drive, and when I went to re-lock it, it would not let me. When I type in "LockHD -a" is give me "Aborted" checking HD status, and gives me some info about the drive. So I'm lost. I know my original xbox drive is lockable................Gosh I have a headace. I feel like im so close yet so far!!!!
  8. Okay, So I run LiveInfo in windows right? Also I downloaded live info and unzipped it, But I see ne .EXE file. Can you direct me to a reliable download link?
  9. This is what I'm afraid of. If that is wrong, will it not let me lock a hard drive in XBOXHDM?
  10. yes I wrote it down, I wrote everything down. When I reboot the drive and select option #3 in XBOXHDM 1.9, it shows the password. Is it possible I messed up in the making of the ISO image when I was backing up all the info? At lest I have my Eprom back up in like 3 different places.
  11. So If im soft modded I'm skrewed? You know whats weird is, I went ahead and tried to just re-format and re use my stock 8 gig drive and it does the same thing. I'm using xboxhdm 1.9. I know the stock drive is lockable, so what gives??????
  12. I'm in the process of installing a 40GB hard drive and I'm having problems getting it locked. The net says it's a lockable hard drive. So I'm wondering if there is another program I can run to get it locked? My drive is a IBM DeskStar #IC35L040AVER07-0 40GB
  13. Nope when I stick in the new drive, I get "Your xbox requires service" Error 05
  14. Oh really< it wont harm anything if it didn't work? Guees ill try it. I let ya know.
  15. Man that sucks. I remember looking at an online list of HD's and that one said it was lockable. Guess I'll have to try another one.
  16. Son-Of-A B.....nothing is going to be easy for me. I'm following this step-by-step http://www.techfreaks.org/articles/modxbox2.shtml And im going good all the way untill I get to the lockingHD part. I type in the cmd to Lockhd -a, and it tells me abort. checking hd status. Not letting me lock the hard drive i guess. here are the specs of my HD 40GB Deskstar Model# IC35L040AVER07-0 HD firmware ER40A44A HD Ser# SXPTXPV8366
  17. I went in and only copied the basics from the C drive and the Eprom as well Cut it down to 375MB (((yeah)))
  18. Wow, so all I really need is the Eprom file? I dont need to copy over any other files? If thats so than sweet! The Iso should be small.
  19. Yeah I made a backup of my current configuration. Here is what I did, or what I followed. 1. copy eprom to eprom folder 2. copy C to C (was nothing in my current bax's C drive) 3. copy E to E (this had all my junk in it) 2 emulators and the current XBMC Did I do that wrong?
  20. That did it, worked like a charm!! Question on upgrading my HD, I folled all the steps and made an Iso File, but when i goto write to CD it's bigger than the CD? 1134MB and all CD's that I can find are only 700MB Did I make my Iso image wrong
  21. Im a little confused as far as FTPing the XBMC folder to my (e:/dashboard) folder. do I just copy the XBMC folder, or do I FTP the contents of the folder right into the E:/dashboard??
  22. Okay so I was able to get back into the back using the Splintercell CD. But when I goto load a basic install, I get and error that says. Batch process failed. The last Item was: xml's mislabeled Action:rename But i'm able to FTP the box. What to do next??
  23. Yes I was able to boot up splintercell, and now im doing a basic install
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