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  1. New update available 0.9.8




    • OpenGL ES 3 detection bug on Xperia devices fixed, graphics work again.
    • More accurate audio mixing and emulation
    • Software rendering and display list performance improvements
    • Workaround for timing issue hanging Crash Tag Team Racing
    • Galician language
    • Built-in ARM disassembler improvements (dev feature)
    • Fix for immersive mode volume key issue on Android Kitkat
    • And more minor tweaks and fixes as always.


  2. Do you have a big enough hdd?

    Whats it saying when it fails?

    I have a 350GB hdd, when it fails it doesn't give me a reason, like the name of the file is too long ect. I've tries it 4 times now and I don't get it. I have used flash fxp and file zilla and nothing. I do try to put it on the F patition, I'm thinking of putting it on the E. On my last atempt all folders transfered while all files failed, mostly xbe's.


    I second Under The Dome. It's bizarre enough to get your attention.


    Game of Thrones - two thumbs way way up

    The Killing - two thumbs way way up

    Mad Men - two thumbs way way up

    The Walking Dead - two thumbs way way up

    Breaking Bad - two thumbs way up

    The Borgias - two thumbs way up

    Homeland - two thumbs way up

    Downton Abbey - two thumbs up

    Hell On Wheels - two thumbs up

    Longmire - two thumbs up

    American Horror Story - two thumbs up

    Hannibal - thumbs up

    Bates Motel - thumbs up

    Falling Skies - thumbs up

    Once Upon A Time - thumbs up

    Grimm - thumbs up

    Person Of Interest - thumbs up

    Blue Bloods - thumbs up


    Shows nearing their end that are good are Dexter, True Blood, Breaking Bad I already mentioned--amazing drama.


    I just started Vikings and it looks pretty good as well. I know it holds a record for topping all networks among 18-49 year olds. Also started The Bridge about the U.S./Mexican border detectives w/ Diane Kruger (she hot).


    Anyone know if Copper is worth watching?


    And they need to bring back Stargate... I need my sci-fi.

    Forgot about The Killing it is awesome. Watched first two seasons have not watched 3rd one. Guess have to download me some.


    Copper is good not great, from all the other show's you watch I would think you would like it.

  4. Just tried Falling Skies, I'll have to pass. The acting was a little rough, the premise was good.


    But at the same time I just watched an episode of three women who are suppose to be witches doing karate, who dont know karate and looked good doing it. I hated everything about it, but then I watched the following show.... Shameful, I don't even know what the show was called.


    Started Mad Men. Thumbs up on that one.


    I love American Horror Story as well. Also like the new Under The Dome


    Under the dome is on during wwe raw here in canada so I never see it, is it worth a download Jitway?


    >>>>Hell on wheels


    What channel is hell on wheels on?


    Finishing Fringe, good show can't believe it was cancled.

    The Killing is good, I like the characters.

    Thinking about starting Mad Men and Under the Dome.

    Has anyone seen Nip/Tuck?

  6. Its dying, but its been dying for years. It always seem to get a new update when you think its over. This is just another way to keep it relevant and add new games, it has ethernet and HD.


    All the emu's seem to work smoothly, but there isn't any ps2 or dreamcast emu's on the original xbox that could take advantage of it.


    You mean they run smoothly on the Ouya or through cloud gaming?

    On the original xbox, I couldn't think of any emulator that could really benefit from it.

  8. It's unlikely it will work well, as it's be touch-dependant and the small touch surface on gamepads won't do.

    With Google, Gamestick, Ouya, Mad Catz project M.O.J.O. and supposedly Apple coming out with game console's you would think the developer would have to implement controller support at some point.

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