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  1. Oh cool, now that's even more info for me, lol. Which reminds me, I have an AMD Dual Core processor, they clock in at 5.1 ghz, is that good for today's standards, or should I look into another Processor?
  2. Wow, thank you both for the information, that was slightly long winded, but it's more info on my end! To answer Shibathedog, I play my games around 1280X1024/1440X900, and what I'm getting from the message your both sending, is that the VRAM gives the card more space to work on, but doesn't necessarily make the card better in terms of performance, correct? EDIT: I forgot to add that I used to have a ATI RADEON Sapphire X1600PRO, with only 512mb, and it ran at almost the exact same quality as my current card.
  3. Alright, so what you're saying is, I need to get the most recent NEOGEO BIOS file? I'll go ahead and google it or something, thank you for your help! If I have any further questions, i'll be sure to edit this post. Update: ALL-FREAKIN-RIGHT! I went ahead and googled the BIOS, and BAM! got the updated version which was actually significantly bigger than my old one, (the old one was 235kb as where teh new one is 1.2Mb.) Thank you so much for helping me fix this problem!
  4. I'm having a problem understanding some graphics card specifications, a friend of mine, (let's call him Jenkins,) told me that the more Vram, the better the card. but another friend of mine, (let's call him Bob,) said that the Vram doesn't matter... I'm kind of mixed between the two as to where im guessing there both right and wrong... The only reason I say that is because my Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 9500 GT BFG Series, has 1GB of Vram, as where this, Radeon HD 4850, only has 512, but seems like a much better card. Please help me figure out what I should know so that I can tell them what is the better card. Thank you!
  5. My MAME version is oh, and I forgot to mention i'm using MAME32, since having a UI is easier for me, and when you mean my MAME BIOS are outdated, your talking about the MAME files itself, or the NEOGEO BIOS? I am sorry for not understanding, I am just a little confused right now since I came off the topic of the NEOGEO being wrong, and now it might be the MAME itself... Also, thank you so much for replying so quickly!
  6. Ok, first I must say a couple things, 1) I am slightly new to MAME, so sorry in advance if that troubles anyone. 2) I don't have a highly technical grasp of scripting or coding knowledge, once again, I am sorry if that upsets anybody. 3) I have no idea what i'm doing wrong.... Now that i've put that out, here's my problem, I'm trying to run KOF98 and SVC Chaos, but whenever i try to run them, I get this, I'm guessing from the look of it, that I don't have the right NEOGEO BIOS file, I'm not asking for one, or a link to one, for that matter, I just want to know if I have an older version, or a newer one, or whatever. P.S. Another thing that doesn't make sense to me, is that it says I don't have SFIX.SFIX, although I KNOW I have that in my bios file.... please help me, and if there is another topic about this same problem somewhere else, please inform me, for I could not find it. Thank you in advance!
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