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  1. ok sorry,but my English is not so well ,so i didn`t understand it the first time ...but now i do
  2. Oke ,thnks for the info...i just wanted to say that the Chankast is regonize the disc,but only as a musicdisc and not as a game.Because i can play it of in music mode ,but thats not really a good idea have a clue how to change it ?
  3. Thanks mate! after i put all the bios togheter it was working wrigt away ,but only i cant configure my joystik (it`s a Logitech duallstick) and when im using the keyboard therefore the UP,LEFT ,RIGHT and DOWN buttons aren`t function ...only the Y,X,B and V buttons are working,so thats the issue now...any suggestions ??
  4. Hello guys, i have downloaded the Chankast and did everything that whas needed to run a game on it,i did everything oke with mount an image with daemontools and i can see the sonic 2 game apears in the new virtual drive on "my computer"but still the chankast is asking to put the disk in while im sure that its loaded ??but its seems to be that the chankast is seeing it as a mucic cd ?anyway it is regonising the cd because i can click on play track(time 78:57)but when im did this nothing is happening I have put so much time in it to get the bios and flash and stuff and now im facing this problem but the emulator itself is running smootly ..id like to here if someone has a solution for this ,i hope you can tell me in simply English ,because im from holland and my englisch is not that good greetings ,meterking
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