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  1. Thanks for the help, i really appreciate it =)
  2. Yep, its just as you said, i confirmed everything that you told me =( bummer Well at least now i have an excuse to get a new laptop lol
  3. Its a Toshiba satellite a60, its close to a decade in service the ati video cards is the RAEDON 7000 32mb and i get the occasional error message and have to restart because of it
  4. I already tried using Glide64. It opens up just fine in the configurations but it wont list all of the settings even after i uncheck the "Hide advance settings" box and the "Hide texture enhance" box. I got the files for the rice video plug in, now when i try to open the settings it says that it failed to upload RiceVideo6.1.3DX9.dll and RiceVideo.dll I'm beginning to think that maybe my laptop is just too old. lately i've been having trouble with the ati graphics card
  5. I wanted to use Hi-Res graphics for my zelda-oot ROM, so i downloaded the texture pack and i also downloaded the Rice video Plugin 6.1.4 (Unofficial). I unzipped the files for the high-res textures and had them extracted to the appropriate location. After I was done with that, I installed the RiceVideo Plugin to project64. The next step requires that i open the pj64 application, go into options and open up the settings, this is where my problem begins... Every time i open the settings i get a series of error messages. In short, the messages are telling me that the ricevideo plugin failed to open because two files were missing, they are as followed: MSVCP71.dll d3dx9_34.dll I have no idea what to do, someone please help me =( (if its possible could someone send me these files via e-mail?)
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