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  1. well the nulldc didnt have the readme with it but is there any way for me to get the dc.zip file from for demul? also you know the numbers on the bottom of the dreamcast to tell whether or not that particular console could read burnt games without modding, if you can you tell whether is 0 or 1, i pretty sure its one of them, but i cant remember
  2. ive tried nulldc but whenever i start it up, its says theres an error and that re-installing it would work, and everytime i re-installed it, it said the same thing EDIT: ok i tried demul, and well when i click run dc, an error comes up saying "Cant open C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\dc.zip"
  3. okay i downloaded another bios file, and put it in there, and now its works on alpha 2.0a but on 2.5 nothing will happen past the date and time, and on 2.0 it wont play my game, and last time i looked skies of arcadia worked on chankast
  4. ok, i downloaded the bios and everything, but for some reason everytime i try run the emulator this comes up can someone help me out???
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