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  1. after getting ds2key and dspad to work, its pretty awesome. only one problem - the programs (ds2key AND dspad) only seem to work on a very small area in the center of the screen, and therefore only a small area is controllable on my pc. or, maybe its the other way around. im not quite sure. if anyone could give me some advice, i would be very thankful. this things pretty cool though e' - nvm. with some monkeying, i got it to work. use the old gui DS2Key 1.0(SVN), let it crash (it does for me for some reason). reopen it, hit disconnect. open the new server that rostpocks posted above, run it, reconnect with the gui, and now i have full screen coverage (save for the borders of the ds screen). wewt! E'2 - need help here. full screen coverage, but i cant get it to send any button presses. for example, i bound left click to B and right click to A (on the DS), set the DS2Key program on the DS to profile 1, set the profile number on the PC GUI to 1, and the server recognizes the profile change, but doesnt send any clicks or anything. also, it doesnt seem to work with the guitar hero grip (it says unknown command (/gb0 or /gb1) and gy, gr, gg. any help on those two subjects? i really want to use this to play WoW rofl.
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