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  1. I'm playing (testing) Kenshiro's latest build of FBA 1.29. He has updated every single driver to the latest PC FBA 2.97 or later core. This means MUCH more accurate emulation compared to the old 1.28. :nosweat::D


    In my opinion, it's all about the games first, and he's done a ton of work with them. Everything is running in 720P HD now and with all the improvements made to the emulation, I can't go back to 1.28. Kenshiro's done an awesome job.


    I'm jealous...the old lady took the TV when she left after I lost my job. That story is for a differ forum w/ country music playin.


    DaphneX Roms and FBA 1.29 is all that I lack in the Xbox mod world.


    Without HD now am I missing out on 1.29....emulation is better?


    I have been playing XMUGEN and Xbox version of Baldur's Gate Dark Allience I as of late....to stick to the thread.

  2. fcreeves its a link to the standalone emu i have been sending to people,do you already have r2 or r1??

    vegeta link sent.


    I have R1 & R2. I am just overly eager for a new ROMset. Need patience. Thank you.

  3. Can I be added to the list also? I have the standalone and notice more screenshots than ROMs from R1....That's prob all there is for now?

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