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  1. i know what you think... Read the instructions or something. but i followed EVERYTHING. -I have an acekard 2i -Downloaded the ds2win and win2ds thing -Ran and started the win2ds server from my Windows VISTA laptop -Made an "Exception" port from the firewall for win2ds "8888" -Patched the dldi [i choose the acekard one] -Tried to restart my router -I use "OpenDNS" so my dns servers are different: -Already checked ipconfig from "Run>cmd" but it's not "IP Address . . . ." It's "IPv4" but it's in 192.168 format. -I tried every 192.168.x.x there is in the ipconfig -double checked my password Here is the ipconfig: DHCP Enabled...Yes autoconfig... yes IPv4 Address.... <Prefered> Subnet Mask.... Def. Gateway..... DHCP Server..... I tried everything but it's still in the waiting screen!! Oh and i also turned off my firewall and I can't find anything that exactly says "IP Address..." Only IPv4^
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