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  1. Thankyou, I got it up and running! Just a bad set 'o' bios, and I downloaded a different version of nullDC, too. Runs beautifully Now to clean up my desktop... full of bad bios baddies and crappy emulators. Ah, well. Thanks again!
  2. Yeahm, I musta' just stumbled upon one that wasn't selfboot, since nothing else seems to make sense. (heheh... what're the odds of that?) I'll look around for another one and report as to whether or not it works.
  3. So, I don't really need syscalls.bin or IP.BIN? (i've heard of writing your own IP.BIN, do I need to do that if I need the file?) Does the fact that it isn't self-bootable really apply to the other emulators, or just nullDC? Because if it does, I'll just get another image. :/
  4. Sonic Adventure 2, I'm also trying to see if there is anyone with some help for me at emuforums, and they're saying to try different emulators and to see if nullDC runs on 'no disk'... Also, the seperate window says something about failing to find syscalls.bin, IP.BIN, oh heck, the link is here if you think my other help me topic could help. :/ http://forums.ngemu.com/nulldc-discussion/...es-im-newb.html
  5. Okay, so I have all the 14 parts combined into one sweet package, but this package does not seem to work... here, are the steps I took: 1 extracted all 14 parts, got 1 really big part 2 opened nullDC, selected File>normal boot, chose my .cdi file 3 selected System>Start 4 PROFIT Nothing happens. My cursor disappears randomly for a few seconds unless I move it, but that's it. I know I must be missing something, some kind of step, so please tell...?
  6. Hi, I'm new (uh oh) and I was wondering about using nullDC... I have some questions on how to get started so hopefuly I won't have to come crawling back for help. 1. I have I game downloaded, not saying where from, but it was in 14 different parts, all .cdi files. I was wondering--do I have to do something to have all of these combined into one, or can they be in 14 different parts? Also, what would I have to do to combine these if needed? 2. With all that taken care of, do I just make a folder in nullDC titled "ROMS" and put all my games into that, or do I do something else...? 3. I don't need a joystick to play these, do I? I can use the keyboard? 4. How do I save a game? In case your wondering, I already have the BIOS in the correct place, I just have no idea where to go from there.
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