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  1. Pentium 4, 1 m memory cache? What your radeon 9800? Its weird if I upgrade my cpu only for play KI2 smoothly… I planning to upgrade my vgacard and How about gecube ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 256ddr compare to pixelview geforcefx5700 256ddr?
  2. I played KI2 using Mame32Plus!83 but its not run smoothly, with mame config like this: Display - enforce aspect ratio on, Increase thread priority on, rotation none, frameskip auto. Advance – rendering use directdraw on, triple buffer on, switch color depth on, switch resolution on – stretch using hardware on, clean stretch auto – resolution auto (size,depth,refresh) – effect none Sound - Enable sound and sound cpu - Resample if sample doesn’t match - Sample rate 44100 - Audio latency 1 My pc spec are : - processor Barton 2500+ 512k cache memory - motherboard ecs n2u400-a - pixelview geforcefx 5200 128m 8x agp - memory kingstone 512 ddr So if I want upgrade my pc for KI2(smooth playable), what u suggestion? Thanks
  3. Ok here my situation, after desperate searching Mame Killer Instinct2 chd, I decided played Killer Instinct Gold with Project 64 ver1.4 but its run slow, So if anyone knew other N64 emu which can run better this baby? My Pc Spec is Barton 2500+ geforcefx5200 256 DDR memory Thanks
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