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  1. Thanks for replying. Believe me I test so chankast cheater so nulldc cheater, I think that it is the same program but with a different name. It is the same thing in one as another program. The codes doesnt works
  2. Hi, This is my first message in this forum and I m going to treat a topic a very difficult of answer and it is the cheats in nulldc. I visited a lot of forums in English and Spanish and still I havent a answer convincing so I hope that you can help me here. My problem is the next I want cheat games that I pass a lot of times, with all posibles codes. For example, I triyng find the codes that WORKS IT, for soul calibur and sonic adventure 2. In those games only a very few codes have worked, cause for I think that the codes doesnt apropiate for the games region and I download all version posibles in those games so I have soul calibur pal, nstc-u and nstc-j, but it's the same thing, the codes doesnt works so I think another posibility and it is test the Cartridges cheats mean is, gameshark, action replay, xploder, etc, but in the nulldc no one Cartridges cheats hasn't works. Before I said tha a few codes have work its for that I use the chankast cheater utily but those codes that It have worked are only a few, for example in the soul calibur game there are a 45 codes and only 4 codes works. I dont know the reason because I test with all regions games posibles and the codes doesnt work in the mayority. Sincerely I think that this forum it is the most powerful in the dreamcast topic and for it I hope that somebody can helpme. I m sure that the codes have that works. Thanks PD: Sorry for my horrible English actually I am spanish.
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