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  1. Hey Prican25 I ran a patch on the rom I was using and used a _ instead of a - Thanks for helping a noob
  2. yeah they're the right size, I checked. Maybe I should have stated every step I've taken I checked the time also. If you don't need to do anthing to the svcplus rom to make it play I'll just look for another source.
  3. Hi everybody Great Forum I got ahold of Kawa-Hex and got the roms from Do I still need to edit the p1 file and double the m1? I tried the files as they were, splitting the p1 and doubeling the m1 file... and Kawa Hex hangs on the 269-v4.bin. I waded through all the other posts but I couldn't find anthing that releated to Kawa Hex. (only hex editing) Thanks in advance Gimp
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